Parrot thinks toy dog is real

June 19th, 2020

Love is always a good thing.

Whether it is between family members, friends, significant others, or even animals, it’s always great to see.

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But there is something about animal love that is far superior to human love.

Maybe it’s because human love always seems to be rife with challenges, infidelities, and hard-fought battles.

The love between two animals, however, is always unconditional and simple.

Especially when that love exists between two animals of a different species.

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And even more so when one of those animals is real and the other one is fake (although the fake animal is plenty real according to the live animal in the relationship).

This is the case for one parrot and his toy-dog lover.

When Ricco the parrot’s owner bought him a toy dog, she wasn’t sure that he would like it.

According to Rumble Viral, “I thought he’d be afraid of the movement and barking but it was love at first sight. They are inseparable and best buddies now!”

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And in order to make sure that Ricco’s toy dog knows just how much he loves it, he follows it around and gives it kisses.

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Not only that, but he also talks to it.

I don’t speak parrot but I can only imagine that Ricco is trying to say “I love you.”

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Ricco isn’t the only pet to fall in love with an intimate object.

It’s actually quite common.

Bright Side has published an article in which 17 different pets have fallen in love with stuffed animals and toys of all shapes and sizes.

Each picture is just as adorable as the last and every single relationship looks to be a positive one.

Even though the love affair in the video below is simply between a bird and his toy, it can teach us a lot about our own relationships.

Whether you like to admit it or not, the way that you view your partner has a lot to do with how society views them as well.

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Since you are essentially accepting another person as a part of your own identity, their social status has an effect on how you see them.

Unfortunately, that status is completely artificial and only exists in the minds of the people who believe in it.

I’ve been in and seen far too many relationships between two great people fall apart just because one of them decides that their statuses in society don’t mesh.

But for Ricco, none of that matters.

He’d love that toy no matter where it came from, how popular it is, or how much money it makes.

It may sound dumb, but this simple relationship between a bird and a toy dog may be much more authentic than most relationships between humans that exist today.

For me personally, I’ve had relationships in the past that defiantly wouldn’t hold up to the authenticity of this one.

So if you are currently looking for love, don’t be above taking a bit of advice from a bird and a toy dog.

Love whoever you find with an authenticity that spans beyond society labels, and be sure to choose someone who is willing to do the same.

If a bird and a toy dog can do it, then so can you.

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Source: Rumble Viral, Bright Side