Good samaritan rescues dog and puppies dumped at landfill

July 16th, 2019

It’s hard to imagine what could be going on inside the mind of a person who abandons an animal when there are other, humane options.

But luckily for a one-year-old dog named Casey, the evil in her life was balanced out by the act of a good samaritan.

For some inexplicable reason, Casey and her newborn puppies were abandoned in a box at the Puntzi Lake Landfill in British Columbia, Canada in early June 2019.

Even worse, whoever left them there had sealed the box, denying her any chance of escape!

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via CityNews 1130 Source: via CityNews 1130

It’s unbelievable to think that someone would leave the sweet border collie-husky mix to die amongst her babies.

Fortunately, Casey’s story didn’t end in a cardboard box surrounded by her puppies because someone at the landfill found the box and got quite a shock when they looked inside.

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via BC SPCA Source: via BC SPCA

The 9 puppies were only about a week old and Casey herself was in bad shape.

With no food for herself and a big brood to feed in the dark box, she was malnourished – but these days she’s doing much better!

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via BC SPCA Source: via BC SPCA

Undoubtedly horrified by the monstrous deed of the person who dumped her there, the person who found her – who has chosen to remain anonymous – immediately scooped them all up and brought them to the nearest vet clinic.

After a night of treatment and attention, the furry family was transferred to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA).

Sadly, there were no families available to foster them immediately (after all, it’s a big ask to take in 10 dogs, 9 of which are newborn puppies), so the brood was transferred again to a smaller branch where staff members could care for them full time.

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via CityNews 1130 Source: via CityNews 1130

According to Kelowna Now, the search is on for whoever committed the crime, although no one has been identified yet. (But anyone with information on the crime can call the BC SPCA’s toll-free hotline at 1-855-622-7722.)

“There is no excuse for simply walking away from a pet and leaving them to die,” the BC SPCA said in a press release. “Abandoning animals is against the law and individuals can be prosecuted for their crime.”

Shelter workers say that not only is Casey a loving mom, but once she gets over her initial shyness, she’s a wonderful companion to humans and other dogs alike – amazing considering what she’s been through!

The five male and four female puppies are not yet available for adoption, but they will be soon.

Puppies are fully weaned and ready to be separated at 7 weeks old.

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Betty Uriegas via Facebook Source: Betty Uriegas via Facebook

In the meantime, the branch is accepting donations for the ongoing cost of their care at this site.

The shelter is hoping that raising awareness of all-too-common stories like this will help people understand that they have better options when it comes to unwanted pets.

There’s truly no excuse for the kind of cruelty Casey and her puppies experienced, especially since they were left in such a way that the owner clearly wanted them to perish.

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Duane Schultz via My Nechako Valley Now Source: Duane Schultz via My Nechako Valley Now

Even troublesome dogs can be surrendered to a local SPCA or Humane Society for evaluation.

When there’s no option but to put them down, it can be done quickly and humanely. No animal should be left to die a slow and painful death.

We’re thrilled that Casey’s story had a happy ending.

People from all around North America are volunteering to take not only the mother but the puppies as well and we’re sure everyone will find a loving home as soon as they’re ready.

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Source: The Dodo, Kelowna Now, BC SPCA