Meet Norman The Pomsky, And The Internet Can't Get Over How Cute He is
Norman is so gosh darn cute, isn't he?
Kristi Shinfuku

Norman the Pomsky
Norman the Pomsky

Norman the Pomsky is a little pup that’s quickly taking over Instagram with his adorable look! The Pomeranian-Husky cross was adopted by his new parents in Los Angeles less than two months ago, but soon after creating an Instagram for their new family member, the puppy amassed over 60.6k followers.


Norman was adopted from a litter of puppies in early May of last year, and once he was settled into hiss new home, his new family members, Rachel and Matt, created an Instagram account for him.

Norman the Pomsky
Norman the Pomsky

The internet quickly fell in love with the account, which takes the point of view of Norman’s day-to-day life and showcases his furry face and unique features, like his dark round circles around his eyes.


Norman isn’t part of any unique breed, but he’s certainly one of the first of his kind to attain fame like this!

norman_the_pomsky_2 has noted that Pomskies are ‘the hottest pup of 2016’ and that they are ‘one of the most dangerous sights a dog lover could ever lay eyes upon’ because of just how adorable they are!


The love that Norman’s parents have for him is truly incredible and shows through in all of their incredible Instagram posts. Norman is just the dog we never knew we needed to get us through the day!

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