Mother and son step onstage, but mom steals show in hilarious "evolution of dance" performance

May 17th, 2019

There have many ‘evolution of dance’ type videos that have sprung up on YouTube in the past few years, but none that can really top this one. This school counselor and her son from Myers Park High School stole the show at the schools talent show with their performance to some of the top songs of the decade.

Most high schoolers would find the idea of dancing with their mothers on stage in front of an audience appalling, or consider it embarrassment they could never recover from. But this mother son duo clearly have some chemistry and some impressive dance moves. Mom can match move for move with her son even on some of the latest hip-hop songs, and the son matches mom during some of the earlier hits.

The two start of in sync, dancing to Bruno Mars and the Macarena, but at some point they were bound to split up and show their strengths. The son gently pushes his mom out of the way to show off the Carlton dance, but then mom comes in and shows him up by line dancing to “Cotton Eyed Joe”.

The two join forces again for the always popular “YMCA” by Men at Work, which moves into some classic Hip-Hop with “The Choice is Yours” by the Black sheep. Mom looks a little nervous before moving into “Can’t Touch This” but obviously she was just messing with us because her running man and moonwalk are spot on. And of course no Evolution of Dance video would be complete without “Jump On It”.

Next came the rap portion, where the duo got down to the WOP, Soulja Boy, “Gas Pedal” and involved mom doing the cat daddy, stanky leg, and more- and the Youtubers were here for it. Looking through the comments, it was clear that mom was stealing the show simply because she could keep up with her son and had her moves down to a T. “That lady has MOVES.” , “Sorry son but your mom owned the stage”, and “Mama you killed it!!” were just a few remarks praising her dance skills.

The best part of the whole video is that you can see how much the two of them are having. Most kids would never agree to choreograph a dance with either of their parents, but it’s clear that these two have a special relationship. Her son looks as though he knows he has a cool mom, and mom looks as though she is loving every minute that she gets to dance with her son.

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Source: youtube.com