Miranda Lambert Rescued Over 300 Animals Stranded By Hurricane
Thank you, Miranda! We need more people like you in this world.
Britanie Leclair

Hurricane Harvey recently wreaked havoc on the state of Texas, leaving destruction and disrepair in its wake. As a result of the devastating storm, many families have had to be evacuated and displaced— an event which has affected more than just humans.

Fortune explains, “Storms like this can be hard on animals too, which are often lost amid the chaos of an evacuation. Many have been abandoned; there have been reports of journalists and rescuers finding dogs chained to trees outside, for example. And even when owners do their best to take their animals with them, there can be additional hardships because shelters typically don’t allow pets.”

But country singer Miranda Lambert is a Texan native and lifelong animal lover— and she wasn’t about to sit and watch innocent animals being abandoned in the deadly storm.

Lambert was born in Longview, Texas, but spent most of her childhood in Lindale. She’s known for country hits such as Gunpowder & Lead, The House That Built Me, and Heart Like Mine, but fewer people know that the country crooner is also a passionate animal activist, even founding her own rescue organization called MuttNation.

According to its website, MuttNation was founded by Miranda and her mother Bev to “ensure that as many dogs as possible would have a safe and happy place to call home.”


After hearing about the damage that Harvey had wreaked on her home state, and the large number of animals that had been abandoned and/or rescued, Miranda knew that she had to step in and help.

On August 28th, MuttNation posted a picture of trailers and vans to their Instagram page, writing:

“It was important to our amazing founder, @mirandalambert that we do our part for her home state.”

Only 3 days later, on August 31st, 2017, Entertainment News reported that Miranda and MuttNation had already rescued and relocated at least 332 animals, including cats, dogs, and other rescues from local Texas shelters.


Miranda was hands-on in the effort, even going so far as fostering a dog and her newborn pups on August 29th, 2017.

Unfortunately, after an amazing rescue, Hurricane Irma is now predicted to throw a “destructive blow” to Florida during the second week of September.

To those living in areas predicted to be affected by the storm, Miranda and MuttNation have only one request:

“When you evacuate, please remember to keep your safe and take them with you. We recommend that you bring at least 3-7 days worth of food, a 2 week supply of medicine, water, and bowls. Sending strength, love and prays your way ?”

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By Britanie Leclair
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