Professional Organizer Rents 90 Square Foot Apartment In New York

June 30th, 2017

No matter how fun it may be, living in a big city is expensive.

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As the world population grows, there is less and less space available for people to live—especially in densely populated areas. Instead of growing outward, many cities are forced to grow upward, packing even more people into even less land. Less space also means higher prices, especially in places that are popular among millennials—even if you add on roommates.

Few places are as expensive to live in as Manhattan. To deal with this trend, creative young people are exploring the option of renting “microstudios.”

Because so many people want to live in Manhattan, microstudios are springing up everywhere. For example, this 90 square feet and costs just over $700 a month. As this tenant shows, organizational skills are everything.

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Much like the city around her, tenant Felice Cohen had to organize up rather than out.

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The work area in this apartment is its central feature, with all the other amenities and boxes placed carefully above and around it. Making deft use of shelves and storage racks, this apartment keeps most of everything confined to one wall.

Above everything is a bunked bed with ladder access—complete with a little hidden bookshelf.

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As a nice accent, the corner of the room even has a lounge chair and a side table for reading and relaxing.

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The kitchen is also a challenge. The solution? A dry foods rack, a mini-fridge and a small toaster oven.

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To add more character, Cohen took out the cheap sliding doors and put up a simple curtain for the closet.

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Unlike some microstudios, this one has its own bathroom.

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There’s even enough room to do some basic yoga.

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Though it’s probably not for everyone, would you ever consider living in one of these microstudios? What would the challenges be and how would you arrange the space to make it livable? Tell us in the comments below!

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Source: Kristen Dirksen