Man Uses Woman Filter On Tinder And Gets 300+ Matches

May 15th, 2019

Snapchat and Instagram filters must be of the most narcissistic pieces of technology ever invented. But Snapchat’s latest filter gives men the opportunity to test out just how attractive they would be as ladies. But it’s backfiring on them in a way they hadn’t expected.

Thanks to filters, people can spend even more hours doing one of their favorite activities – looking at themselves.

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Aadvik_chintamaneni/Instagram Source: Aadvik_chintamaneni/Instagram

The best part is that there’s an excuse. “The filter makes me look different, so it’s ok.”

But what happens when Snapchat’s new gender swapping filter gets introduced to another one of the world’s most popular apps? You can see how popular you’d be with the same sex as one of the opposite sex.

If the above sentence sounds confusing, then that’s because this latest trend is really weird.

Here’s a simple explanation: Men have started saving pictures of themselves when their faces have been turned into women on Snapchat. They then are creating Tinder profiles for these pictures to see what kind of reaction their feminized faces get.

It’s kind of like 2019’s version of Hot or Not but with added levels of deception.

So how did this trend begin?

It all began in the UK a few days ago. And while tricking people into thinking you’re not you online is kind of creepy, the first person to do it has a kind of innocent story as to why he did it.

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Jake Askew/Twitter Source: Jake Askew/Twitter

Jake Askew used the gender swapping filter and was unimpressed.

He thought that the female version of himself looked unrealistic. He thought that no one would think that this was a real person, so he put it to the test.

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Jake Askew/Twitter Source: Jake Askew/Twitter

Askew was proved wrong. He created a Tinder profile, uploaded the picture of himself as herself and expected nothing to happen.

He put his phone down and focused on work.

When he next looked on his phone, he was shocked. His female profile had received over 300 matches and 1650 likes.

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Jake Askew/Twitter Source: Jake Askew/Twitter

And for the first time ever, a man was able to appreciate the terrible treatment women get on social media all the time. People sent messages to him saying things like “Are you a piece of art? Because I want to nail you up against the wall.” And that was one of least gross messages!

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Jake Askew/Twitter Source: Jake Askew/Twitter

Surprised with his popularity and the vulgarity of his experience, Askew took to Twitter to report his findings.

And that’s how the trend began.

But this could actually be a big moment for gender equality.

Many men have been creating female photo Tinder profiles and expecting to have an ego boost from their popularity.

But instead, they’re feeling violated from the messages that they’re receiving from gross guys.

“I made a Tinder using that female Snapchat filter and holy f— did I make a mistake,” one user said, capturing the thoughts of many similar men around the world.

Will this make men more sympathetic to women’s struggles? Will it mean that a new age of equality will come about? It seems unlikely, but then social change comes about from the unlikeliest places.

One thing that is almost definitely going to happen is a whole new form of catfishing.

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Creating_a_perspective/Instagram Source: Creating_a_perspective/Instagram

Another interesting thing is that there hasn’t been any reporting yet of women creating fake Tinder profiles of themselves as men.

Would a woman be shocked at the messages that they received as a different gender?

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