Joy-Filled Twins With Down Syndrome Are Inspiring World With Love On Social Media

May 14th, 2019

If you are a parent, then you know how perfect you imagine your children will be. Imagine if your child had down syndrome. Julie and Dan McConnel had twins with down syndrome, but this hasn’t stopped the family giving the two, named Charlie and Milo, a loving and supportive home.

In fact, the couple has embraced their sons’ condition and work to fight the stigma against individuals with down syndrome. According to them, while raising one child, let alone two, with down syndrome is a challenge, there are also many gifts and treasures from doing so.

Here is the story of Charlie and Milo, nicknamed Chuckles and Meatloaf, and their journey to becoming a social media sensation.

Charles and Milo

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Julie and her husband Dan didn’t know where to turn upon learning that their fraternal twins both had down syndrome. Fortunately, social media helped provide the information and support they sought. Julie initially started a Facebook profile for the twins before they were even born to provide updates to their family and friends. As time went on though, the twin’s page took on a more meaningful purpose.

According to Julie, “I just wanted it to be more of a way to share, ‘This is our life; and this is what it’s really like to grow up and have twins in your home with Down syndrome.’ Because that’s what I wanted to know when I got the diagnosis — what is this life really, really, really like? I don’t just want to see rainbows and butterflies and miracles every day.”

Such Happy Babies

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All smiles and laughs, the two always were such happy babies, according to their parents. It was through their social media page that their parents sought to educate the Internet about down syndrome as well as a way to provide reassurance and comfort to parents facing the same problems in raising a down syndrome child.

An Internet Sensation

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Soon though, the two had become an Internet sensation, garnering over 24,000 likes and 26,000 follows on their Facebook page, “Charlie and Milo: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.” In addition, their Instagram page, “Chucklesandmeatloaf,” has over 34,000 followers.

Their Development as They Got Older

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The McConnels have four other children as well, including an older sister and brother. As a matter of fact, the twins get along with their older sister so well that she is almost like a second mom to them. And while the twins developed at a different rate as they got older, eventually Milo caught up to his brother Charlie, who is more physical, in other ways.

What Is Down Syndrome

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Down syndrome is a genetic condition where a child is born with an extra copy of chromosome 21. And while the exact cause of down syndrome is unknown, luckily, many children with down syndrome grow up to be perfectly happy and functional adults, who are able to live independent of their families.

Two Peas in a Pod

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As for Charlie and Milo, they are like two peas in a pod, doing everything together as they get older. Their parents feel like they have won the lottery, saying the birth of their twins was a life changing moment. And while it can be scary initially, getting educated is the best step parents can take to learn how to raise a child with down syndrome.

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