Man Builds Beautiful Church Using Living Trees
Jenny Brown

Barry Cox is not only a devout Catholic, he’s also an amazingly talented artist and designer. As a little boy, the New Zealand native served as an altar boy and even had dreamed of being the Pope one day. However, as he grew older, he found his calling in gardening. Barry started a gardening company, but wait until you the work that he does. It’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Barry Cox is a devout Catholic and artist. He owns his own gardening company.

You see, Barry has combined his strong faith with his creative talents to create something truly astonishing.

When he was younger, Barry spent a lot of his time traveling and touring the world. He had a special love for visiting the famous churches all across the globe. From Notre Dame to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Barry has seen it all, and it’s obvious that these historical cathedrals have influenced his work.

A church made using only living trees.

Barry created a living cathedral on three acres of lush green lawns. Using some of the most beautiful trees in the world, Barry’s company, Treelocations, created a wonderful masterpiece to behold. He used a powerful hydraulic spade to uproot and replant matures trees on the property. It took him 4 years to create this.

A living cathedral built on 3 acres of lush green lawns.

The entrance to the cathedral is warm and friendly. It’s very welcoming. Take a look at the traditional roof that uses lush, natural materials.

The entrance to the church is very welcoming.

The iron frame gives the church a classic shape. The ceiling consists of Laciniata trees, and the walls are built from Leptospernum trees which provide a dark rich color.

The church has a wire iron frame that gives it a traditional look.

The interior of the church is great for natural light as sunlight shines through the canopy. This eliminates any need for electric lighting. The altar is made from imported Italian marble.

The interior of the church allows for a lot of natural sunlight.

The stunning landscape of the grounds is truly what pushes this already impressive church over the top. With a brilliant use of flowers, decorative hedges, and trails, the property alone is a sight worth seeing.

The landscaping on the property is breathtaking. Barry's use of flowering plants, decorative hedges, and quaint trails is brilliant.

He even constructed a “Labyrinth Maze.”


No matter where you are on the property, you get a beautiful sight.

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Barry created the garden for his own pleasure, but it’s been frequently used as a dream destination for weddings and other large events.


How could any bride resist walking down this aisle?


The following video is a quick tour of this unique church.

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