Man Is Best Friends With A Tiger
Emma Smizer

In Malang, Indonesia, one man and a tiger have formed an unbreakable bond, spending every day together.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

For Abdullah Sholeh, no one is more important than his best friend, Mulan, a Bengal tiger.

Adbullah began taking care of Mulan when she was just a 3-month-old cub, and quickly earned the nickname ‘the Tiger Nanny’. The pair is so bonded that Abdullah will often forgo his own bed to sleep next to Mulan.

His secret to living with a tiger?

“I try to understand her nature, her mood, her daily and even momentary feelings in order to continue living with her,” said Abdullah about his relationship with Mulan.

Now, at four years old, Mulan is fully grown, weighing in just under 380 lbs. However, this massive difference in size and strength doesn’t deter Abdullah from rough-housing with his best friend.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

As a way of showing affection, Mulan will often “mock attack” Abdullah, smothering him with “hugs” and “kisses.”

The pair’s wrestling has resulted in some close calls, with Abdullah nearly losing an eye to a playful swipe of Mulan’s claw. Yet, Abdullah doesn’t blame Mulan for her actions, claiming that he knows it is not her intention to cause him any harm.

Regardless of the risks involved in having a tiger for a best friend, Abdullah spends his every moment with Mulan and doesn’t see that changing anytime soon.

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