Mama bear sees cubs struggling in deep water, fisherman records her epic rescue mission

November 4th, 2019

When it comes to a mama looking after her babies there is not much that can come between them

Mama Bear and Her Babies Enjoying the water

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This bear and her cubs seemed to be enjoying the water until something goes wrong.

A Baby Cub In Distress

The two little cubs appear to be following their Mother’s lead until one of them cries out in distress

The Cub is In Trouble

One of the cubs seems to be having difficulty staying afloat.

Mom Reacts

As soon as the mother bear hears her little cub crying out she immediately turns back and swims directly to the little one.

Baby On Mama’s Back

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Mama baby quickly pulls the distressed cub out of the water and puts it on her back.

The Second Rescue

The mother bear immediately headed to the second cub who she reached just in time.

Heading To Shore

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With both babies on her back she heads to shore.

Carrying On As Usual

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Once the ordeal has passed Mama and her babies stroll along the river bank as though nothing had happened.

Other Bears In Trouble

It is not uncommon for bears with babies to run into difficulties with their cubs in the water.

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One Mother bear attempted to cross a body of water with her cubs when the water and the temperature were just too cold. This Mama didn’t seem to have the usual instincts of protecting her babies at all cost. She abandoned them in the water, but the babies were rescued by some fishermen then taken to shore for safety. Mom finally saw where her cubs were and reunited with them.

Getting a 375 Pound Bear Out of the Water

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One bear had traveled to far into a populated area and needed to be relocated. So authorities tranquilized the bear but she went into the water before it could take effect. She began to lose consciousness in the water but one man was not going to let her meet her end this way. He went in and saved her.

Little Polar Bear Struggles

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Baby bear cubs are not born with the instinct of being able to swim. Mom has to teach them and sometimes during this learning time they can get themselves into trouble. This one of two baby polar bears was struggling to get out of the water. Mom gave him a boost in his butt to help him get onto solid ground.

It Isn’t Just Water That Can Threaten The Bear Cubs

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Sometimes the little bear cubs can get themselves into a whole lot of danger. Often innocently as they are just following their Mother, but aren’t able to accomplish what she can do. In this instance Mom was able to get over a highway barrier after just crossing the highway, but her cub couldn’t. No harm done though as Mom was there to rescue the little guy. She just picked him up by the scruff of the neck like he was a feather.

It isn’t easy for humans to lend a helping hand when a bear cub is in trouble but mom is nearby.

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