Police rescue kidnapped woman after real estate agent hears screams inside container

September 24th, 2020

The world’s full of villains.

Unfortunately, it’s true. There are tyrants, aspiring dictators, pocketed politicians, and crooked cops.

There are liars, racists, bigots of all orders, and people who flat-out lack empathy.

Some people even murder for fun!

Then, there are the heroes.

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Meet 30-year-old Kala Brown.

Excuse her, she’s a little on edge. She’s been through a lot recently…

She was just rescued from the grips of a serial killer, literally.

Startling footage shows her being found with a chain around her neck.

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YouTube/Inside Edition Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

In fact, Spartanburg County, South Carolina police heard her screams coming from a shipping container.

They proceeded to penetrate the container with saws and bolt cutters

When she was finally rescued, officials described Kala as being “chained up like a dog.” Turns out, she was trapped in the container for two months!

She may never be the same. I can’t imagine the physical and emotional trauma she’s been through.

How do these things happen in the world?

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Fortunately, her screams did not fall on deaf ears.

The police stumbled upon a malnourished, chained prisoner fighting for dear life after a real estate agent heard her screams. He contacted the police and they immediately came to the rescue.

The container lied on the property of Todd Kohlhepp, a 45-year-old real estate agent.

He was soon charged with a litany of murders.

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How did this all happen? What events led to her confinement?

Buckle up, the nitty-gritty details are haunting.

Unfortunately, Kala’s boyfriend Charlie was found dead on the same property with two others.

According to Kala, he was shot three times in the chest and then wrapped and placed into a container.

Yes, this is real life. These things do happen.

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Kala was then kidnapped and imprisoned, spending two excruciating months trapped in isolation.

So what’s to come of Todd Kohlhepp?

Well, he’s been sentenced to life in prison.

He pleaded guilty to seven murders including a quadruple murder at a motorcycle shop. He’s had blood on his hands since at least 2003.

To top things off, he also raped Kala.

That’s quite the rap sheet, Todd. Now, he’s behind bars.

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YouTube/Inside Edition Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Kala’s tragic story provides a potent example of the worst in humanity. Thankfully, she was rescued, but her life’s been blown apart.

The world’s full of madmen, narcissists, and assholes.

We need more heroes.

A badge and uniform are certainly not required! No, not at all.

Most heroes come in the form of everyday, regular people. They usually don’t get the credit they deserve, but that comes with the job.

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Unsplash/Steve Halama Source: Unsplash/Steve Halama

Kala can thank these responders for her life.

These particular cops don’t spend their time murdering minorities. They have more important things to do – saving lives.

When life and death came into question, they stepped up and saved the day, as any decent person should do.

We need more of that.

Heroes can take many different forms. Given the current political and social climate, we need heroes more now than ever.

Complacency and apathy won’t cut it. Empathy and action are the greatest tools at our disposal.

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Pexels/Lisa Fotios Source: Pexels/Lisa Fotios

Stay vigilant in the face of hatred and bigotry. Life is precious and should not be taken for granted.

Live and let live.

Every positive interaction can yield productive change in the world!

Kala’s story certainly doesn’t read like a fairy tale. Her world’s been turned upside down.

But she still has her life, and hopefully, she makes the most out of it.

So what are your thoughts on the whole situation? Can you imagine being in Kala’s position?

If you can stomach it, definitely check out all of the gritty details in the video player below!

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Source: Inside Edition, The Sun, Watch Stitch