Kathie Lee Gifford shares cuddle with new grandson making other family member jealous
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Dogs know love all too well. They are often givers and would unconditionally give you all the love you need and possibly more.

American TV presenter, songwriter, author, actress, and singer Kathie Lee Gifford went viral a few weeks ago.

Kathie Lee, 69, shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram a few days ago, and people loved it!

In the adorable photo, you will see Kathie Lee, her grandson, Frank, and her best buddy, Bambino, a teacup Maltipoo puppy.

“What a lovely way to spend an autumn day! Sending all of you blessings and love,” Kathie Lee said in her Instagram post.

Indeed, Kathie Lee is filled with love and you can clearly see it in his photo.

She’s cuddling her baby grandson, enjoying the beautiful day, and in her lap, is her adorable and cute puppy.

In the photo, Kathie Lee lovingly cuddles her baby grandson while he’s sleeping, while her fur-baby, Bambino is sitting on her lap, as if side-eyeing the camera.

“Ahhhh Nothing like holding a baby in your arms,” one commenter wrote.

“The happiest place to be!!! Holding your grandson in your arms,” wrote another.

Would you wish for anything else if you were with your dog and grandson?

While other people sent praises, well-wishes, and love, other people started commenting on Bambino’s reaction.

One comment even pointed out that Bambino seemed jealous.

A fur parent knows that something is going on and in this photo, it’s pretty obvious.

It seemed like Bambino is jealous of little Frank.

Frank is the son of Cody, Kathie Lee’s son, and his wife, Erika. He was born last May.

Cody was the one who chose the name Frank, after his late father, Frank Gifford who sadly passed away last 2015.

Kathie Lee loves spending time with her little Frank.

If you are a fur parent, then you probably agree that dogs do show jealousy, and some of them have pretty adorable ways of showing it.

Though, to clarify, a jealous dog would not exhibit aggressive behaviors.

Pexels/Sarah Chai
Pexels/Sarah Chai

They would rather give you hints, such as showing you extra-cute puppy eyes, being extra clingy, or maybe don’t come to you when you call them.

According to Hillspet:

“As a pet parent, you want to make sure attention; treats, playtime and positive reinforcement are all doled out equally.”

Pexels/Sarah Chai
Pexels/Sarah Chai

Believe it or not, talking to your pets works wonders, too.

Dogs are smart and would understand. Of course, you want them to feel loved and that they still belong in the family.

We all think Kathie Lee knows what Bambino is feeling.

Pexels/Sarah Chai
Pexels/Sarah Chai

Last September 23, she also posted a photo of herself and Frank sitting and cuddling, then at her feet was the adorable Bambino looking at her.

“Looks like somebody’s jealous!” Kathie Lee said in her post.

It looked like Bambino was questioning Kathie Lee about why she was spending time with a tiny human instead of him.

Though, we’re pretty sure that when Frank grows up, he will spend most of his time with Bambino, don’t you think so?

Check out Kathie Lee’s Instagram account and get updates on the adorable trio.

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