Jason Momoa Does His Own Version Of A Meme, And The Internet Is Obsessed

May 2nd, 2017

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On the off-chance you’ve been hiding in a hole for all of 2017 (totally understandable, by the way) and haven’t met Salt Bae, let’s introduce you. Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe found himself suddenly internet-famous when a video of his unique salt-sprinkling style went viral.

We don’t know what an “ottoman steak” is, but we all liked the way he sprinkled it.

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The memes came rolling in hard.

Meggy speaks for every student ever.

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They rolled in so hard that there was a Salt Bae meme about the Salt Bae meme.


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Soon enough, celebrities were getting involved.

Bruno Mars had a bit of fun with it.

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But it was Jason Momoa who really took it to the next level. He borrowed a move from Salt Bae while prepping a rock climbing wall and decided to give the chef a shout out.

“Channeling @Nusr_et”

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Enjoy the video of his climb.

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