16 Unexpected Ways To Use Ice Trays

June 3rd, 2017

Next time you’re making ravioli you may want to take out your ice tray.

It turns out that ice trays have a variety of uses that don’t solely involve keeping your drinks cool.

Here are some of our favorite ice cube tray hacks:

1) Ravioli

Are you making ravioli from scratch? They will come out perfect if you’re using an ice tray. Just lay your pasta dough over the tray and push the dough slightly into each cube hole. Place your filling inside each indent and press another piece of dough on top.

Flip it over and cut out each rectangular ravioli shape. Press the ends of your dough around the edges of each pasta piece and you’re done!

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Grace Full Plate Source: Grace Full Plate

2) Freeze Vegetable or Chicken Stock

If you want to freeze some veggie or chicken stock but don’t want to have to wait for a giant brick of it to unfreeze the next time you want to use it, you can pour it into an ice cube tray and set aside the stock cubes for when you need them.

They will melt faster this way and you can use only what you need when you need it.

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Future Expat Source: Future Expat

3) DIY Dishwasher Tablets

Tired of shelling out all that dough just to get your dishes clean with lots of chemicals? You can learn how to make your own dishwashing tablets here by using an ice tray for the mold.

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One Good Thing By Jillee Source: One Good Thing By Jillee

4) Cookie Dough

You can also use an ice try to make the perfect sized cookie. Push your dough into each ice slot. Each slot will hold enough dough to make the perfect sized cookie. You can freeze the rest of your dough and take out one cookie at a time when you want a snack.

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All Womens Talk Source: All Womens Talk

5) Seed Starter

Put a little bit of soil into an ice tray and place your seeds inside. Water and put in a sunny spot to get your seeds to sprout before you transport them.

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My First Home Source: My First Home

6) Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

Coat the sides of your ice tray with melted chocolate and place a bit of cheesecake in the middle then top with more chocolate and freeze. Get the recipe here.

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Cooking Channel TV Source: Cooking Channel TV

7) Chocolate Bars

You can use the same method except put some Nutella, fruit, nuts, or caramel in the middle instead of cheesecake.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

8) Leftover Wine

If you have the end of a wine bottle that you don’t want to toss out but know that you won’t drink before it goes bad, you can pour it into an ice tray and freeze it. Next time you’re cooking a dish that requires wine you can pop a cube or two in it.

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Food and Wine Source: Food and Wine

9) Soothe Sunburn

Have a bad sunburn? Aloe gel cubes do double duty for soothing a sunburn. Just pour some aloe gel into a tray and freeze, then rub on the sunburned area.

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Beauty and Blush Source: Beauty and Blush

10) Freeze Herbs in Oil

Often times when we buy fresh herbs we get more than we can use for one meal, which means the rest will go bad or be tossed out.

You can save those herbs by pouring them into an ice tray with some olive oil and freeze them. The oil will reduce browning and freezer burn.

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The Kitchn Source: The Kitchn

11) Better Ice Coffee

Freeze coffee and use those cubes in your ice coffee. This way when your cubes melt your coffee won’t be watered down. You can make cream cubes as well.

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Simply Recipes Source: Simply Recipes

12) Ice Tray Sushi

If you love sushi but can’t quite get that rolling technique down, you can use an ice tray as a mold for your sushi. You can find out how to make ice tray sushi blocks here.

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Publix Source: Publix

13) Pomegranate Chocolates

You can make delicious pomegranate chocolates that gush in your mouth by pouring chocolate into your ice mold and dropping some pomegranate seeds inside. A full recipe can be found here.

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Food Blogs Source: Food Blogs

14) Paint Pallet

You can also use an ice tray as a paint pallet by pouring a different color into each slot.

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My First Home Source: My First Home

15) Mini Ice Pops

Ice trays are perfect for making mini ice pops. Learn how to make these mint and watermelon ones here.

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Food and Wine Source: Food and Wine

16) Fancy Drinks

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Tasty Kitchen Source: Tasty Kitchen

You can turn an ordinary glass of club soda into something super fancy by dropping fruit or herb-filled ice cubes into it. You can find a bunch of different ideas here.

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