Party Trick - How To Skin A Watermelon
Wow, this method really works well!
Patricia Lynn

There’s never a bad time to have some refreshing watermelon. And although if I had it my way I would be eating watermelon all the time, it can be annoying at times to go through the hassle of cutting up the watermelon into edible pieces. Well you’re in for a treat today because after watching this, it might just change the way you see watermelons forever.

In this video, you’ll watch Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, demonstrate how to “skin” a watermelon. Never heard of anyone “skinning” a watermelon before? Well I haven’t either.

After watching the video, however, I can’t wait to get my hands on a watermelon to try this out. Trust me, this might just be one amazing party trick you can show your friends!

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[Source: Mark Rober]

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By Patricia Lynn
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