15 Products Under $15 Dollars To Keep Home Organized

July 5th, 2017

Having an organized living space can make a world of a difference. When things in your living space are disorganized it can feel like you’re immersed in chaos.

Kind of like this:

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But a little organization can help calm your mind and create serenity in your space.

And you don’t need to call in the organization experts for this one or spend all your savings on organizing furniture and devices.

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You can organize your entire home with these items that cost $20 or less.

Cord Wrangler

Having to untangle a pair of headphones when you’re trying to jump on the treadmill can be just maddening. You can grab these cord holders here.

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Kitchen Knives

Sometimes your “good” knives or other utensils can’t fit in the kitchen drawer. Store them neatly on this magnetic strip.

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Shampoo/Conditioner Caddy

There are some items that you use often and end up on the bathroom counter instead of a drawer. You might as well get this caddy for them that cleanly keeps them in place.

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Silverware Tray

I’m not sure how one can operate their lives without a silverware tray. You can get the one below heree.

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Pot Lid Organizer

Bring some order to your pot drawer with this lid organizer. You can find one here.

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Clothing Drawer Organizers

Opening your drawers will be a pleasure with these drawer organizers.

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Sink Caddy

Not only will the sink caddy organize your sponges and scrubbers, but it will help them dry out in between washings so that they don’t grow bacteria.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

Toilet Paper Caddy

Leaving your toilet paper on the top of the toilet tank looks sloppy. Get yourself a TP caddy.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

Plastic Bag Caddy

Your plastic bags can quickly overwhelm a shelf or drawer. Keep them in place with a caddy.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

Junk Drawer Organizer

Just because it holds your junk doesn’t mean it has to look like junk. Organize that junk with one of these.

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Tie Sorter

Sort your ties in one nice and neat spot with this tie rack.

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Hanging Broom Grips

Don’t have a broom closet? You don’t need one. You can create one with these hanging broom grips.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

Purse Hanger

Save space in your closet and keep your purses in one place with this purse hanger.

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Bed Bath and Beyond Source: Bed Bath and Beyond

Shelf Dividers

Linens, bags, sweaters, this shelf divider can organize it all.

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Plastic Wrap Caddy

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Bed Bath and Beyond Source: Bed Bath and Beyond

Plastic wrap, sandwich bags, tinfoil… don’t let them take over your drawers. If the are then you need this.

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