Man Punches Woman Over Seat On Subway - Watch As A Hero Refuses To Be A Bystander
When he saw something he knew was wrong, he stepped in. What a hero!
Emerald Clifford

When you see something wrong, stand up for what’s right — and this heroic man did just that, demonstrating that good deeds never go unnoticed.

On her regular route to work, Brooklyn resident, Sam Saia, shared a seat on a New York subway train with a fellow passenger. After politely asking the man to stop “manspreading,” or sitting with his legs widened, taking up more than his fair share of space, the man proceeded to call Sam disrespectful names.

Then, unexpectedly, the angry passenger assaulted Sam Saia by punching her directly in the lip.

Thankfully, another passenger from the other side of the train sprang to Sam’s aid, immediately diffusing the situation. The hero, Victor Conte, approached the violent man, grasped his arm firmly and stated, “Get off the train bro! You don’t hit a lady.”

The aggressive passenger, as seen in the security footage below, then proceeded to make his way off of the subway train.


Not only did Victor save Sam Saia from subsequent violence, he also avoided the rest of the train from possible danger.

Victor Conte serves as an example to all of us, in that, he noticed a hostile situation and made the decision to intervene and stand up for what was right. When we see someone in need, it’s important to not act as a passive bystander but to diffuse the situation appropriately, resulting in a positive outcome.

And while many are calling Victor Conte a hero and Good Samaritan, he humbly states, “I was just trying to do the right thing.”

In an act of heroism, in that terrifying moment, while other passengers sat back, Victor Conte didn’t turn a blind eye but chose to step up and do the right thing.

“If you see something, say something,” Victor Conte concluded.

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By Emerald Clifford
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