Dog breaks world record for most tennis balls held in mouth

July 2nd, 2020

Finley the Golden Retriever has made history!

The six-year-old dog has been practicing this skill since he was only two years old. He honed his craft and practiced frequently before managing to fit six tennis balls in his mouth and get his name in the record books.

His progress has been well recorded by his proud mom, Erin Molloy, who created an Instagram account in 2018 to share this unusual skill with the world. The account collected over 36,000 followers and Molloy soon discovered that canines carrying tennis balls in their mouths was a category for the Guinness World Record.

The previous record-holder could hold five.

Carrying five tennis balls in your mouth is very impressive, but she knew Finley could break the record. It took a full year for Molloy to compile the evidence that Finley broke the record and make him eligible for the book.

These pieces of evidence included measuring the size of each tennis ball and collecting eye witness statements from her neighbors in Canandaigua, New York.

Being able to witness this feat in person must have been incredible. The photos of this dog are pretty silly. His cheeks are spread as wide as possible with tennis balls shoved into any open space. His videos show him walking around his backyard and collecting his tennis balls before walking up to his mom and spitting them all out.

After a year of collecting evidence, Finley was officially confirmed as the new record holder in May.

Social media users around the world celebrated his accomplishment. Good Boy Finley lifted the spirits of everybody around the world with his silly habit of carrying multiple tennis balls around in his mouth.

The comment section of his Instagram video is probably the most wholesome place to be in cyberspace. Everyone is calling Finley a Good Boy and praising his wonderful accomplishment.

Finely and his family celebrated his new title with a backyard gathering with some other local dogs. They even ordered a special “hound” cake from BONES Dog Bakery in Rochester.

I’ve been spending this period of social distancing watching my own dog try to complete a similar feat. Balthazar has been unsuccessful in his attempts, but he remains determined to carry two balls in his mouth by the end of the year.

Finley has become an influencer.

Finley has been using his platform and newfound fame to promote some products he’s been sent as congratulations. These products include supplements, toys, and recycled tennis balls. Some of these companies even donate their profits to animal shelters!

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The week of thank-u’s continues! @pebblenaturals sent me supplements to try 😍 What they are proud of: 1) Human-grade: their products are made with human-grade ingredients at FDA-registered facilities, 2) Saving shelter dogs: they donate their products & 5% of profit to shelters, and 3) they are 40% cheaper than brand names with the same formula and love busting the myth that "the more expensive, the better!" Although my face says otherwise, thank you @pebblenaturals for sending these! Y’all can use code “Finny” for 15% off! • • • • • • • #goldenretriever #retriever #retrieverpuppies #dogsofinstagram #doggo #puppylove #golden #goldenlovers #dogstagram #followme #goldenretrieverpuppy #goldenboy #goodboy #tennis #dog #dogsofinstaworld #cuteboy #picoftheday #summertime #worldrecord #guinnessworldrecord #dogsofinsta #goldensofig #goldensofinsta #iggoldens #retriever #retrieverig #retrieversgram #animalsinfluence #like #stayhome

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Finley has definitely had his paws full with his newfound fame, but he continues to be a Good Boy. He still enjoys spending time with his family and sharing his new toys with his mom.

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Source: Good News Network/Instagram