Girl Scout’s brutally honest written review of cookies has adults falling about in laughter
She was not a fan of the Toffee-tastics.
D.G. Sciortino

Charlotte McCourt isn’t content with peddling subpar products to her customers.

So, she gives it to them straight.

The 11-year-old Girl Scout’s exceedingly honest review of the Toffee-tastic cookie ended up going viral.

It also helped her to sell a whole lot of cookies. Charlotte wrote a letter to a wealthy family friend in Colorado hoping to persuade them to donate cookies to members of the military.

She had sold 92 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, but only two were donated to U.S. soldiers.

Charlotte’s dad Sean McCourt texted his friend, who asked Charlotte to write him a letter.

So, she grabbed dad’s laptop and got to typing.

Facebook Screenshots - Zen Pets LLC
Facebook Screenshots - Zen Pets LLC

She decided to give her potential customers a run down of the best to worst cookies describing the Thin Mints as “inspired” for its chocolate and mint pairing.

The Savannah Smiles were rated seven out of 10 for their “divine taste.

Do-si-dos received only a “5” due to their “unoriginality and blandness.”

She recommended S’mores for those with “a wild sense of adventure.”

Charlotte, however, declined to give S’mores a number rating for the sake of “full disclosure,” being that she hadn’t actually tried them and “cannot rate it in good conscience.”

But she had no qualms about unleashing when it came to the Toffee-tastic.

“The Toffee-tastic is a bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland. I’m telling you, it’s as flavorless as dirt,” the sixth-grader wrote.

Facebook Screenshot - Mike Rowe
Facebook Screenshot - Mike Rowe

But she saved the very best of her letter for last. She explained why she hadn’t rated any of the cookie boxes a “10.”

This was because the only way to get a 10 was to donate a box… any box.

“It helps strike a spark in the treacherous lives of those men and women protecting our country and keeping America safe. Please won’t you honor them by donating a box of Girl Scout cookies?”

Facebook Screenshot - Mandy Suganuma
Facebook Screenshot - Mandy Suganuma

She did say that the cookie ratings, however, were based on her own opinions and that opinions may vary. Sean McCourt works as a producer on TV host, narrator, and actor Mike Rowe’s podcast and shared the letter with Rowe.

Rowe found the letter hilarious and shared it in a video and posted it on social media where it went viral.

Charlotte’s original goal was to sell 300 boxes of cookies. Thanks to her viral stardom, she sold more than 25,000 boxes of cookies.

Facebook Screenshot - Mike Rowe
Facebook Screenshot - Mike Rowe

Many of those boxes will be sent to military troops.

Charlotte has since been featured on sites like Today and Good Morning America.

One of the key skills that the Girl Scouts aim to teach their troops are business ethics.

“Girl Scouts learn to act ethically—lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime of leadership and success,” their website states.

They are very proud of Charlotte.

“We are thrilled for Charlotte and we are proud that she exercised her entrepreneurial skills and is learning about taking the lead like a Girl Scout,’ the local Girl Scout’s council said in a statement.

More importantly, Charlotte was proud of herself.

“It’s [her letter’s viral appeal] honest, nice and it just makes people happy,” Charlotte said. “I think that that’s good to have in a world of war and hate and poverty.”

Learn more about Charlotte’s story in the video below.

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