Here's How To Get Makeup Out Of Anything

July 3rd, 2017

Makeup can completely transform our looks, but when we spill some on our clothes or countertops it can transform into a big mess.

Thankfully, you don’t have to toss out your favorite top just because you got a little foundation on it.

Here are some tips on how to get makeup out of pretty much anything.


Pour a little bit of dish soap on it then pour some water over it. Rub the water into the stain in a circular motion and run it through the laundry.

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Using a baby wipe to wipe up self-tanner will work on most fabrics, even silk, as long as it’s a fresh stain. If you don’t have a baby wipe, you can turn your garment inside out and run some water over it.

The water will help push the self-tanner away. Rub some dish soap onto the stained area with your finger and rinse it will cool water. Keep repeating these steps until the stain is gone.

If it doesn’t completely go away, you can launder your garment as you would normally.

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Flip your cotton shirt inside out dab some rubbing alcohol on the stain and blot. Then, dab it with some acetone. Flip your shirt again and repeat the process, then toss it in the laundry.

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Powder Stain

Dab the stain in a mixture of white vinegar and water and blot the area. Place it in the washing making.

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Sprinkle some baking soda over the sleeve, then dip a clean toothbrush in water and scrub your stain. Put it in the washing machine to completely remove the stain.

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Nail Polish

If the polish is still wet, use a paper towel to suck up as much of it as possible by gently laying it on top of your spill. Try to make sure that it doesn’t seep through the other side of your clothing by placing a paper towel on the underside of the stain. Use a rag or cotton swab dipped in acetone nail polish remover to rub out the stain.

If the nail polish is dry, place an ice pack on it. This will make it hard so you can crack it up and scrape it off. Use a brush or tweezer to get all the excess chunks out of your fabric or carpet. Then, use a rag or cotton swab dipped in acetone nail polish remover to rub out the stain.

DO NOT use this method on acetate or synthetic fabrics as it could dissolve your fabric. Your best bet in that case is to take it to a dry cleaner.

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One-Minute Fix

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If you don’t have time to put your clothing into the washing machine, here’s a one-minute fix.

Leave some shaving cream over the stain and let it soak in for a few minutes. Rub the shaving cream into the stain as best as you can, then rinse in cold water. Repeat this process, but this time rinse it in hot water.

Your stain should completely disappear. Just air dry the damp area and you’re ready to go on like it never happened.

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How to Get Make-Up Out of AnythingHow to Get Make-Up Out of Anything ?

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