10 hilarious reasons why German Shepherds can’t be trusted

German Shepherds may look cute and innocent with their big eyes, floppy ears, and wagging tails, but the truth is that they can’t be trusted. Here are ten reasons why German Shepherds are risky animals to be around.

All reasons courtesy of The German Shepherd Dog Community.

1. They will give you sass when you try to make them do something they don’t want to do, like leave the dog park. Then, you’ll have to argue with your pup, causing people to look at you strangely.

German Shepherd Dogs
Source: German Shepherd Dogs

2. They’ll do goofy things that make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Source: Imgur

3. When you walk in the door after hours or even just minutes away, they’ll jump on you with unrestrained joy. If you’re not prepared, this happy greeting could knock you over!

Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

4. German Shepherds are nicknamed “German Shedders.” After you bring your dog home, your house will soon become covered with balls of fur. Soon, you’ll have enough to make a new rug and you’ll give up trying to vacuum them.

The Dog Digest
Source: The Dog Digest

5. German Shepherds also have the nickname “German Shredders.” If they’re bored or annoyed with you for not giving them attention, they’ll start chewing on whatever’s nearby. So be sure to play with your pup and give them lots of toys that they can chew all day.

Source: Shepped

6. If you’re wearing makeup, watch out! German Shepherds will lick your face to show their love and happiness, washing away any makeup that you’re wearing.

Happiness Plunge
Source: Happiness Plunge

7. German Shepherds are able to perform Jedi mind tricks. If they want you to play with them, they’ll stare at you until you start throwing a ball or a stick. The Force is with them, so it’s best to just do what they want!

Dog Vacay
Source: Dog Vacay

8. German Shepherds are notorious spot-stealers. If you’re sitting on the couch and get up to grab a snack, they’ll immediately jump into your spot. Then, when you try to get them to move, they’ll stare at you with big eyes until you feel incredibly guilty. You’ll end up sitting on the floor while your dog happily naps.

Buzz Sharer
Source: Buzz Sharer

9. Your windows will quickly become covered with nose prints from all the times your German Shepherd presses their nose against the glass. You’ll just have to get used to looking through a cloudy window.

Stay at Home Mum
Source: Stay at Home Mum

10. German Shepherds are actually thieves—they’ll steal your heart! You’ll realize how big a hole there was in your life before you got your German Shepherd. From that point on, you’ll always want to have a lovable, funny German Shepherd in your home.

Dog Time
Source: Dog Time

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