Fun And Clever Ways To Use Pool Noodles
Jenny Brown

Pool noodles aren’t just for your kids and the pool. They can actually be used for a variety of DIY projects around the house. Here are few fun and clever ways to use pool noodles in an effective manner.

Floating Ice Chest

While you’re out enjoying a hot, summer day in the pool, why not treat yourself to some chilled refreshments? Build this floating ice chest using pool noodles, and you can always an ice cold beverage by your side.



Use your pool noodle as an extra long funnel. Hook it up to your sink, and control the flow of water! It makes housework so much easier.


Secure Gaps Between Doors

In the winter, your house might feel cooler and chillier than usual because the cold weather outside is finding its way through the door because the weather stripping isn’t right. To prevent this, use a pool noodle to fill the gap between the door and the floor.


Narrow Garage Problems

If you have a narrow garage, then parking your car inside can sometimes be a pain. It might be difficult to get out of your car, because you’re afraid of banging your car door against the wall.

To protect your doors from scratches and the wall, build this padded garage bumper. Learn more details here.


Plant Support

Use a pool noodle as a support for plants in place of a wooden stake. Cut the noodle lengthwise using a knife. Then, fit it around the base of a plant. As the plant gradually grows taller, you can add another section to support the added growth.

Use an assortment of pool noodle colors for a vibrant-looking garden!


Maintain Boot Shape

Stuff your boots with pool noodles to help maintain their shape when you are not wearing them. Cut the noodles to the height of each boot and place them inside. It’s that simple!


No Creases!

Fit a pool noodle around a hanger to create a soft curve. Then, hang your pants around the pool noodle to hang dry without having an creases in your pants.


Napkin Rings

If you find yourself chasing napkins in the wind, then try this nifty trick out. Cut noodles into rings. Then, use the ring as a napkin holder. You’ll never have to chase after paper napkins in the backyard or park again.

poolnoodles2 pool-noodle-craft_7971

Say Bye, Bye To Stubbed Toes

If you are constantly stubbing your toe on your bed frame, then try this simple solution. Cut a pool noodle and wrap it around each leg of your bed frame. Now, if you ever walk into the bed frame, it won’t hurt nearly as much!


Save Poodle Remnants

For all the various DIY projects you use your pool noodles for, be sure to keep the remnants. These can actually be used as pot fillers! They provide drainage and they save you money since you’ll need less soil at the bottom of the pot.


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