Father Experiences Terror of Missing Child
This father's fear after losing his child gave him an idea for an ingenious invention.
Bella Scotton

A wonderful day at Six Flags Park turned into a nightmare for a short while for Willie Wu and his daughter

A Missing Child

Nothing strikes horror in a parent’s heart than to think that their child is missing

One moment Willie’s daughter was with him, then the next minute she was gone. When this happens in a large amusement park like Six Flags, the mind runs wild as to what may have happened to the child.

The Child Did The Right Thing

Mr. Wu’s child knew what to do

The youngster did the right thing once she had become separated from her father. Instead of wandering around, she stayed in one place under the care of a park employee.

One Hour of Uncertainty

The longest hour of Wu’s life

It only took an hour for Willie to find his daughter, but it must have seemed like a lifetime. Not knowing if the child was lost or abducted.

The Introduction of Buddy Tag

Introduction_ Of_Buddy_Tag
YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

This father was not going to go through something like this again.

This occurrence made such an impression on Willie Wu that he was determined he was not going to lose his daughter again. He invented a smart wristband called Buddy Tag.

How Buddy Tag Works

Buddy Tag is for both the child and the parents

It allows parents to monitor their youngsters within a 120 feet radius. It also has a panic button the child can activate if they are in trouble. Plus it can send an email.

More Freedom For The Kids


Children who are wearing the Buddy Tag can enjoy a bit more freedom.

They can play in the park and still be monitored by their parents as long as they are within the 120 feet limits of the Buddy Tag.

More Peace of Mind for Parents

Parents feel more confident knowing the kids are being tracked with the Buddy Tag

Thanks to the alert button on Buddy Tag parents can see where the youngster was the last time they were tracked by the app. This is ideal when the child is out with someone else.

Making Use of Modern Technology

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Something that parents can count on

Mr. Wu developed the Buddy Tag using modern technology that allows the device to operate with low power and low battery requirements. It is Bluetooth and also waterproof. It can be programmed to alert parents when a youngster roams away from the area of the parent. This will cover the 120 feet in an open area but is restricted to about 80 feet in an indoor area. Buddy Tag works with newer phones such as the iPhone and Androids. It will also work with some iPads. and Ipods.

The Missing Child is A Common Occurrence


Mr. Wu is not the only parent to have gone through that short period of devastation of a missing child.

Five Year Old Goes Missing

It is not difficult to lose a child in a busy area

A father was out in a busy area with his five-year-old. He stops at a bar with a youngster where the establishment was really busy as customers were watching the World Cup on the television. At one moment his little one was beside him, then the next minute he was gone.

18 Month Old Goes Missing

It isn’t just the pre-schoolers who can go missing

Another Father and Mother had their eighteen month old stray away from them while they were in a hotel. Fortunately the child found his way to his uncle’s room. As a result of this traumatic experience this father also came up with an idea for tracking a youngster called Pearchild.

Just How Traumatic is This Experience?


Those that have not had to go through this experience, or don’t have children may not be able to imagine the trauma it causes.

A TV series called The Missing brought the reality of this home to many of its 5.8 million viewers who watched the first episode. It was so poignant that many of the viewers found it traumatised them.

Many more devices have come out on the market in the last several years so parents do have some options to use to keep track of their young ones.

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