FedEx driver brings 6-year-old’s dreams with hero Tony Hawk gift exchange

May 29th, 2020

FedEx Delivery driver, Mikail Farrar, got a shock on his daily delivery route in Suwanee, Georgia when he saw a young boy chasing his van in the rear-view mirror.

The 6-year-old boy, Cooper Morgan chased after Farrar so he could ask him for a favor. He wanted to ask the driver to deliver a present to his skateboarding idol, Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk was at his height in the nineties, winning awards, contests, and smashed skateboarding records left right and centre. He was sponsored by major brands like Vans and QuickSilver, and is still one of the most famous skateboarders in the world to this day, even though he’s now in his 50s.

Little Cooper Morgan is an aspiring skateboarder and wanted to make sure his gift made it safely to Hawk. He gave a simple worn out skateboard deck to Farrar. It was old, worn out and had both Cooper and Tony’s names written on it in black marker.

There was no package, postage, or even so much as an address. Obviously at 6 years old, it’s fair to not really have a firm grasp on how the US Postal Service works.

“Get this to Tony Hawk from me. Tell him it’s from Cooper.”

Instead of explaining the harsh truth to the kid, Mikail Farrar said he would do his best.

He took to the internet and posted on Tik Tok to tell the story, and to see if anyone out there could help make Cooper’s dream come true. He has thousands of followers and hoped he could use his platform to reach a larger audience.

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Tik Tok, fresh2deaf Source: Tik Tok, fresh2deaf

A few hours later, he found his post had gone viral. His social media community passed on the message, tagging Tony Hawk and trying to do their part to make sure the message made it.

They were all hoping for the best. I’m hoping for the best! You’re hoping for the best!

And then it happened. Tony Hawk responded to Farrar’s request on Tik Tok.

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He hadn’t posted in two years, but clearly this was a worthy cause!

He thanked Farrar for making the connection, and privately gave him his home address so the skateboard could make it from Georgia to California. Hawk also arranged to send some new, signed skateboards back to Cooper as a thanks for the gift.

It’s not just Cooper who’s the big Tony Hawk fan in the family. His older brother, Tucker and his dad, Robby, are both into skateboarding.

As you can imagine, they were shocked when a package containing three new skateboards arrived from the legend himself (delivered by the other legend, Mikail Farrar).

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Tik Tok, fresh2deaf Source: Tik Tok, fresh2deaf

“We both idolized Tony Hawk. A lot of kids got into skateboarding because of him. So this is a childhood dream of mine. Seeing the look of joy on their faces when they saw the video, and then when they got the package this morning, it’s been surreal.” Robby Morgan told CNN.

Farrar was over the moon about how his social media quest turned out. It was a big ask, and he was never sure it would actually work out, but it really couldn’t have gone any better!

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He sent Hawk a big thank you for making it happen.

“I had low expectations. I was hopeful, but I just thought that celebrities went swimming in their money and looked in the mirror all day. I don’t know what they do, but not Tony Hawk. He’s a special guy.” – Farrar told CNN.

This little boy’s dream came true! He got to exchange gifts with his skateboarding hero thanks to this amazing FedEx driver who went way above the call of duty to pull it all together.

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And Kudos to Tony Hawk for still being so dedicated to his young fans.

This is the kind of good news we need right now!

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Source: Good News Network, Britannica/Toy Hawk, Tik Tok/fresh2deaf