Extreme Toothbrush Hacks

July 11th, 2017

Toothbrushes can go far beyond their duty of improving your hygiene. There are lots of places in your home where you can put your toothbrush to use other than in your mouth.

Here are some radically different uses for your toothbrush.

Fix Your Can Opener

Has your handheld can opener stopped moving? Chances are the teeth in the gears are stuck because of all the gunk that’s caught up in it. Use your toothbrush to clean out those hard to reach spots in between the gears.

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Flickr/David Valenzuela Source: Flickr/David Valenzuela

Hold Your Bun In Place

Your toothbrush can serve as a funky hair accessory. Instead of using chopsticks, you can pull your hair into a bun and push a toothbrush through it to keep your bun in place.

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Brit + Co. Source: Brit + Co.

Clean Your Keurig

The coffee pod area of your Keurig machine is tiny and hard to get into to clean. But not with a toothbrush. You can scrub up right in there and clean it out so that it will be free of bacteria and mold and will make your coffee taste better.

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DIY Projects Source: DIY Projects

Toilet Rim Scrub

Light a lighter on your toothbrush about an inch an a half below the bristles. Once it becomes soft, bend it at a 90-degree angle. Use it to scrub underneath the toilet bowl rim.

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Bike Chain Scrubber

Take two toothbrushes and place them together with their bristles touching and tape them together by their handles. Place your bike chain in between the two brushes and spin the pedals so that the chains runs through the brushes.

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BikeHacks Source: BikeHacks

Ease Out Splinters

Pat on a paste made from baking soda and water over your splinter with a toothbrush. Let it sit for a few minutes and stroke the bristles in the direction that you want the splinters to come out.

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Bewellhub Source: Bewellhub

Tile Grout Scrubber

Drill a screw through the back of a toothbrush head. Place the screw into your drill gun and clip off the handle of your toothbrush so that only the brush head remains. Dip the brush in soapy water and/or cleaning solution and use the brush on the drill to scrub your tile grout clean.

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Brightside Source: Brightside

Fix a Frayed Toothbrush

Place a frayed toothbrush in hot water for 15 minutes to restore the bristles.

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Smart Hacks Source: Smart Hacks

Smooth Flyaways

Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and use it to secure flyaways and smooth over your hair.

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My Style Bell Source: My Style Bell

Apply Hair Dye

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Elizabeth Griffin Source: Elizabeth Griffin

A toothbrush works perfectly evenly and precisely spreading hair dye throughout your hair. It works especially well for highlights and streaks.

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