Pit bull pretends to faint to avoid getting nails clipped

September 11th, 2019

For those who think that all pit bulls are nasty and a breed to be avoided perhaps this will change their minds.

The Face Says it All

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This dog obviously knows something is up

If a dog could be said to have a look of apprehension, then this would be it. After the owner shows the nail clippers, the facial expression clearly shows the dog is not impressed with what is to come.

Time for a Trim

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Part of the care of any dog includes making sure their nails are trimmed

It is obvious that this pit bull doesn’t consider having her nails done as something that she enjoys. She isn’t about to cooperate easily.

Is It Gonna Hurt?

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Notice how the head of this doggie diva slightly tilts up and away.

Down For The Count

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Just too much to cope with

Perhaps this dramatic canine thought if she passed out, the whole ordeal would just go away.

A Simple Pose

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At least in this position, the owner can get to the back feet easier. Probably not something this pit bull had in mind.

Is That A Look Of Disgust?

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It’s obvious the fainting tactic didn’t work

What do you think could be going through her mind?

Just In Case You Don’t Think Pit Bulls Have Feelings

It is true that many breeds of dogs can be trained to do some pretty impressive things. But there are also times when no training is involved, and yet something amazing takes place.

The Story of Merrill the Pit Bull and Taco The Chichaoua

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Both dogs arrived at the shelter the same day

It was apparent that the dogs knew each other, and both dogs suffered from health conditions. Merrill the pit bull needed life-saving surgery. Taco stayed by Merrill’s side during the entire time Merrill was recovering.

Best Friends

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The shelter operators did not want to separate the dogs for adoption, so it proved difficult to find them a home. They eventually did, which was a happy event.

Taco Becomes Ill

After a short while, Taco became ill, and it was a fight to save the chichuahua’s life. Merille then took on the role of a dog nurse.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Taco_Is_Weak
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Taco is very frail, but the two are still together.

A Mother’s Loss

Pit Bulls are just as caring about their pups as any other breed of dog is. For those who wonder about the maternal instincts as opposed to just animal instincts, perhaps the story of Noellen will clarify this.

Noellen was brought to a shelter as a stray.

She was thin from being undernourished and had recently given birth to a litter of pups. Obviously, Noellen was feeding her puppies, but she wasn’t getting fed.

Depressed and Anxious

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Her mental state was just as concerning as her physical state was as she was depressed an anxious.

Going The Extra Mile

Noellen was rescued by a group who put great efforts into finding her pups. Which were sold to the group by owners who didn’t even care that the pups were too young to be away from their mother.

A Delightful Reunion

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The change in Noellen when reunited with her pups was heartwarming.

Three tales of Pit bulls that range from being funny to loyalty to a mother’s love that sheds a different light on this breed of dog.

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