Doctor Saves People During Las Vegas Shooting
Aftrer the shooting started, this man made sure that his wife and her friends were safe. But instead of fleeing to safety himself, he stayed and rescued others. He is a true hero!
Ryan Aliapoulios

Las Vegas was recently struck by serious tragedy.

On October 1st, an active shooter at the Mandalay Bay Hotel opened fire onto a crowd of concert goers below. The attack was the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history, with 59 killed and 527 wounded. In the midst of all the chaos, many people were able to flee to safety. Still, those who were wounded were left to their own devices—except for those who decided to act on their behalf.

One of the men who helped to rescue people was fellow concert-goer Dr. James Sebesta.

Sebesta, a surgeon, was in town for the concert with his wife and family.

As soon as the shooting started, Sebesta turned to his family and told them to flee as fast as they could and that he would meet them back at the hotel. Instead of getting away to safety with his family, Sebesta knew he had to help in any way he could. His sister-in-law created a Facebook post commemorating his bravery that day:

“This man attended the concert in Vegas. He is Dr. James Sebesta. He is a Surgeon, more importantly he is a good human being. When shots fired he looked at his wife and told her to get out with their friends to safety and he would meet them back at the hotel. Treatment was literally to get them out of there and stop any bleeding he could. He said he would just go person to person. He, in the midst of chaos and fearful, went out and started finding the wounded to medically help them. He went through the crowd of 58 killed people and 527 wounded and did everything in his power to help. He carried victims to safety. He carried bodies of those victims that didn’t make it off the field. He could have left with his wife. He could have escaped to safety. He made a choice to do what he knows best, be a good person. He is a Hero.”

The story has since been picked up by major news outlets and has gone viral.

As it turns out, Sebesta is also a retired army colonel and was perhaps drawing on the grace under fire that is so prized within the military. Regardless, Dr. Sebesta’s bravery that day is a reminder that heroism still exists even in the bleakest situations. His actions are a testament to the resilient spirit of the people of Las Vegas.

Dr. Sebesta, we salute you.

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