Men Save Kid From Dying In Sand
What started as a normal family vacation turned into much more.
Ryan Aliapoulios

There are few things more relaxing than a nice day at the beach.

The sun is shining, the water is cool and your friends and family are gathered around a beach blanket. Though trips to the beach are a great way to relax and blow off steam, they can also be dangerous for younger children in a variety of ways. Although most think of the potential hazards of the sea, one story out of Newport Beach shows that there are other dangers. via Stuart Frost
Source: via Stuart Frost

The story began with a simple reunion for 50-year-old Stuart Frost.

The Stuarts were hanging out and minding their own business when his nephew, 35-year-old Jesse Martin, came running up. According to Frost, Martin told them him that there was a woman on the beach who needed help finding her son:

“I could see this lady down the beach with her hands on her head, just distraught. So I said to my family, ‘Let’s go help her.’ She was around like 50 people and none of them got up to help her, it was really odd.” K
Source: K

As a result Stuart led his entire family—some 30-odd people—to scour the beach for the little boy.

Frost, his twin brother Steve and their nephew set off to search for a little boy wearing blue swim trunks (according to the mother’s description). She said that he was last seen by some other toddlers who were digging holes in the sand. The trio set off that way and started digging around in the holes.

After a moment, the three men saw a pair of blue swim trunks under the sand.

As it turned out, the little boy had been playing in a deep sand hole when the sides collapsed on him.

When the three men pulled him out, the situation looked dire, according to Frost:

“He was ash grey, he was dead. He was dead. So we pulled him out and the mom was just beside herself.”

Fortunately, the situation was not over. The Frost family started to give the little boy CPR—and after about a minute, the boy began to breathe again! Once he was resuscitated, he was rushed to a nearby hospital to make sure nothing else was wrong. Ultimately, everything turned out ok.

What started as a simple family reunion turned into a story of heroism for these three men.

Because of the Stuart family, a young boy’s life was saved. This story is inspiring just to show how powerful small acts of kindness can be, as well as how important it is to pay close attention to your surroundings. Although the beach is fun for any family, make sure to be careful out there!

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By Ryan Aliapoulios
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