10 Ways To Upcycle Empty Pet Food Bags

September 17th, 2018

If you’re a dog or cat lover, then chances are you have a pile of pet food bags stacking up on you. If you own farm animals, then you probably have mountains of them.

Instead of trashing your feed bags several times a month, you can save money and bring style to everyday items by upcycling them into a functional piece of art.

Whether it’s new upholstery for your chairs or a new garden apron with functional flair, you’re sure to find something you’ll love with these ten nifty ideas.

1. DIY Patchwork Feed Bag Tablecloth

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Sew Can Do Source: Sew Can Do

One great way to use up those pet food bags is to sew them into an outdoor tablecloth. The eye-catching colors will draw attention at the Farmer’s Market, and customers to your booth.

They also work great for camping or outdoor gatherings, as they are water-resistant and make cleanup a snap! Find the tutorial here.

2. Upcycled Feed Bag Gift-Wrap Station

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thriftyfun Source: thriftyfun

Fall is just about here, and people are starting to prep for the holiday season. With all the different house parties and family festivities, the house can get cluttered with gift-wrapping material pretty quickly.

Make the holiday chaos easy on yourself this year by sewing up an adorable pet food bag gift-wrap station.

With just a couple of feed bags, you can easily whip up this hanging gift-wrap organizer.

3. Upcycled Feed Bag Garden Apron

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Fresh Eggs Daily Source: Fresh Eggs Daily

Anyone with a garden or who’s spent time on a farm knows that it’s messy work. As fall comes upon us, so does the rain and mud.

Make after garden cleanup a breeze by repurposing your feed bag into a waterproof garden apron. You only need one bag for a basic apron (two if you want front pockets), and strips of material for your waist ties.

With just a few minutes at your sewing machine, you can quickly create a sturdy apron that you can simply hose off when you’re done with your chores. See the details here.

4. Repurposed Pet Food Bag Into A Tote Bag

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Etsy/Wiley's Attic Source: Etsy/Wiley's Attic

You’ve got to admit, some of the photographs on pet food bags are pretty alluring.

One crafty pet lover turned it into a charming Pet Tote bag. Its durable material makes it perfect for lugging around dog toys, water bowls and waste bags in the dog park, and only takes a few seconds to spray off with the hose.

You can head over Wiley’s Attic on Etsy to check out more adorable totes or learn to make your own here.

5. DIY Hanging Compartment Organizer

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My Frugal Life/hoptownracer1 Source: My Frugal Life/hoptownracer1

With only a couple of pet food bags, some plastic placemats, and a small hanger, you can create your perfect custom compartment organizer.

The beauty of upcycling and DIY, in general, is that you can design things to fit your needs perfectly.

From a large waterproof shower organizer to a crafting closet space saver, you can customize your organizer in a cinch. See how here.

6. Upcycle Feed Bags Into Country-Style seat cushions.

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YouTube/Homesteading Ways Source: YouTube/Homesteading Ways

If you want to have a farm-style kitchen, but don’t want to stare at the outdated fabric on some antique furniture, you can add country flair to your chairs by repurposing pet food bags into seat covers.

The waterproof material makes cleaning up after messy eaters a breeze.

You can also make fantastic cushions for your outdoor furniture with them, so you don’t have to run into the yard and move them every time it rains!

7. DIY Pet Food Bag Christmas Stockings

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Fresh Eggs Daily Source: Fresh Eggs Daily

Give your pets a Merry Christmas too with these fantastic DIY Christmas stockings!

This is the perfect project for a novice sewer. You only need one feed bag per stocking, a strip of lace for each, and your sewing machine.

Head over to Fresh Eggs Daily for this simple and fun tutorial.

8. Upcycled Feed Bag Lunch Sack

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Etsy/2ScriverLadies Source: Etsy/2ScriverLadies

If you’re the type of person that carries your lunch to work in a plastic bag, because you’re tired of your expensive ones disappearing at work, then this lunch sack is for you!

The crafty women at 2ScriverLadies on Etsy have upcycled a brilliantly colored birdseed bag into an adorable lunch tote. They are only $8 and you can have it ordered right to your door, or if you have experience with a sewing machine you can create your own.

9. Recycle Feed Bags Into Grow Bags

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Hobby Farms/Jessica Walliser Source: Hobby Farms/Jessica Walliser

Over the last decade, container-gardening has really taken off as more and more people are living in small spaces.

Unfortunately, if you’re buying containers at the store, it can get expensive pretty quick, especially if you’re growing large plants like tomatoes or potatoes.

As a cute alternative, you can simply make your own grow containers by repurposing feed bags. It’s so simple, you barely have to make any changes at all, and it will keep your soil moist longer than fabric or burlap.

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10. Upcycle Pet Food Bags Into Nifty Wallets

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Piecework Wallets And Things Source: Piecework Wallets And Things

With an eye for style and a few basic sewing skills, you can get creative and make some pretty amazing wallets.

They are slim enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and durable enough to travel with.

If you aren’t much for sewing but love repurposing everyday items, you can grab one or an entire set of these picturesque wallets here.

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