15 dogs whose toothy grins made us smile too

July 20th, 2021

We love taking pictures of our dogs when they’re being particularly adorable. But the snaps of them being complete goofballs are just as enjoyable.

You’ll find entire websites, social media pages, and subreddits dedicated to dog photos.

There’s nothing more wholesome than a place where people can share pictures of their dogs just so internet strangers can fall in love with them.

Take the subreddit r/toofers, for example, which is flooded with photos of dogs showing off their teeth.

Is it silly? Sure, but we just can’t get enough of it.

Here are 15 pictures of doggie toofers for your enjoyment:

1. Toothy twins

Is there anything cuter than dogs matching their humans? These two are both giving the cameras big smiles. Of course, the dog’s smile is a little goofier than that of the owners.

2. Big smiles!

Some dog smiles toe the line between cute and terrifying. But they can’t help it. They’re descended from wolves and their teeth are proof of that.

3. Smiling her way into our hearts

Forget puppy dog eyes. This pooch figured out a whole routine for making her owners give her whatever she wants. I think it’s going to work.

4. Tell me I’m pretty

Sure, it’s technically a dog toy, but with a little imagination, it can become anything. You know what? If the dog’s happy, that toy can be whatever he wants.

5. When mom says “smile”

Is it just me or does this look like every elementary school photo ever taken? Making a goofy face and showing off some crooked teeth. Don’t worry, bud, this is your awkward phase.

6. Am I doing it right?

This little guy would like everyone to know he’s quite fearsome and scary, thank you very much. He might be tiny, but remember, he descended from wolves.

7. Tiny toofers

If there’s anything that can bring joy to your day, it’s this teeny dog’s smile. It just goes to show — a smile doesn’t have to be big for it to spread.

8. Gravity’s grin

Not only is this dog wearing a goofy smile, but she’s also having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. Or rather, an ear malfunction. Either way, it’s still adorable.

9. Baby teeth

When this dog saw the camera come out, he immediately flashed his most charming smile. Who could resist such a handsome boy? He ought to be the poster pup for the whole subreddit.

10. Adorably awkward

Daisy, the dog enjoys showing off her teeth in a big doggy grin. She might look a little silly, but we won’t tell her. As far as we’re concerned, she’s the most beautiful dog of them all.

11. Bright whites

I’m jealous of this dog’s perfectly white teeth. I guess it’s easy to keep them white when you don’t drink coffee or tea. I bet she also uses whitening toothpaste.

12. Baby bunny

Between those big teeth and the fluffy vertical ears, I’m not so certain this is a dog. It might just be a particularly adorable bunny rabbit.

13. Big smiles

Gunner the dog isn’t just baring a full mouth of teeth. He’s got a crazy look in his eyes, too. We’ll just chalk it up to excitement over being with his favorite human.

14. Aww, let him out

I don’t know where this sweet Siberian Husky is, but he doesn’t seem to mind. If anything, he’s enjoying doing…well, whatever he’s doing. As long as he’s happy, I guess.

15. A grateful grin

This sweet little puppy was recently rescued by a new owner. Whenever her human pays her any attention, she can’t help but break into a broad and toothy grin.


Do you have any ridiculous photos of your pup showing off those toofers? Show us in the comments!

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Source: Reddit – r/toofers, The Spruce Pets