Loyal dog leads first responders to elderly owner who fell into ditch

October 20th, 2019

Dogs have this crazy, innate ability to sense when their beloved humans are heartbroken, sick, scared and ecstatic. They feed off of their humans’ emotions and are the first to respond when their safety is at risk.

This makes dogs phenomenal rescuers. They become soldiers and help sniff out bombs. They rescue victims from natural disasters. They are exceptionally amazing animals.

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Flickr/Presidio of Monterey Source: Flickr/Presidio of Monterey

A dog’s unconditional love for its human means they’re the first face an owner usually sees when they wake up, dog breath and lolling tongue up close and personal. According to Get Leashed Magazine, there is an abundance of stories where dogs have risked their lives to save their loved ones. A Doberman Pinscher named Khan saved his 17-month-old human sister Charlotte from a deadly King Brown snake.

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Flickr/F Delventhal Source: Flickr/F Delventhal

Right when the snake was about to bite the baby, the dog leaped into action and shoved the snake away.

Even though Khan was bitten by the snake, he managed to survive after receiving an anti-venom shot. The family now calls him their wonder dog.

TatorTot was being fostered temporarily in Christi and Peyton’s home. Not long after Christi lulled her little boy Peyton to sleep, she noticed the new foster dog barking and sprinting back and forth between Christi’s room and Peyton’s room. She thought he was just playing at first, but there was an urgency to his bark.

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Life With Dogs Source: Life With Dogs

Christi followed the foster dog to her son’s room and discovered that he had lapsed into a coma with dangerously low blood sugar levels. The dog saved her son’s life.

A 12-year-old Shih-Tzu named Babu realized that danger was lurking and led his 83-year-old owner outdoors for a walk. Owner Tami wondered what was going on, because Babu would much rather cuddle on the couch. Little did Tami know, but her life was hanging on the line.

Curious about Babu’s sudden interest in taking a stroll, Tami leashed up her pooch and they headed outdoors. Babu led Tami up a steep hill and once at the top, Tami turned around and realized that a tsunami was right then and there washing away their home, the very home they had just been in.

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Super Animal Rights Info Team Source: Super Animal Rights Info Team

Judith Shaw blacked out after suffering extreme pains in her chest and back. Her dog Louie knew she needed help and managed to press Judith’s panic button and bark into the intercom. Judith had trained Louie to push the button in the event of an emergency and this smart dog did just that.

Louie was even given an animal bravery award for cleverly saving his owner’s life.

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Express Source: Express

When Buddy was just a pup, his owner Joe trained the German shepherd to retrieve the phone when Joe began having a seizure. Astonishingly, if Joe blacked out or couldn’t grasp the phone, Buddy was trained to push a speed dial button with his teeth that was programmed to call 911.

When Joe had a seizure, 18-month-old Buddy dialed 911 and began barking into the phone.

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Pet Shop Source: Pet Shop

Paramedics arrived and found Buddy’s best friend unconscious, but still alive thanks to Buddy’s training.

And in today’s latest story Jack the dog was out for a walk with his Irish owner, an elderly gentleman, when the man stumbled and fell into a ditch. Jack’s owner could not climb out after sustaining injuries.

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Twitter/Garda Info Source: Twitter/Garda Info

Much to everyone’s surprise, Jack rushed off and found help. He led emergency service workers to the very spot where his owner lay helpless.

Jack was not about to part from his owner, so he followed everyone to the ambulance where his human received treatment, refusing to budge from his spot. The City of Guarda shared a photo of Jack on Twitter.

“Man’s best friend … Even when the ambulance arrived, Jack wouldn’t rest unless he could see him! Owner and Jack home now.”

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Twitter/KavanaghMick Source: Twitter/KavanaghMick

Mick Kavanagh was one of the emergency workers who treated Jack’s human and shared a photo of Jack watching the strangers very closely. He knew they were there to help his owner, but still wasn’t sure.

“I was under the watchful eye of man’s best friend.”

Dogs are full of love, licks, tail wags and slobber. They’re also incredible creatures who, without knowing how or why, can save their humans’ lives. How amazing are these dogs?

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Source: Get Leashed, The Irish Post