Dog Helps Firefighters Pull Down A Tree

July 11th, 2018

It was a regular Sunday for the firefighters of Harderwijk, a town in the Netherlands. They were clearing damaged trees out of a neighborhood

A storm was raging, and they had to keep the community safe from the threat of falling trees.

But they were in a for a furry and cute surprise.

Pulling a tree down

The team decided that the best way to take this tree down was to have a group of men pull down the tree with a rope while a colleague of theirs was sawing at the tree trunk.

The plan was that they were to pull the rope in a safe direction so that the tree would fall where it wouldn’t cause damage. A very smart move, right?

But getting the job done was not as easy as they initially thought.

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SnoopyLand via YouTube Source: SnoopyLand via YouTube

The problem was, as hard as they pulled, the firefighters could not seem to get the tree to budge. Perhaps the long day at work was already taking a toll on their bodies.

While they pulled harder, the tree seemed to be playing a game of tug of war against the firefighters.

Someone comes to the rescue

Or at least this is what this little helper might have thought when he ran to the aid of the losing side and helped them pull the rope.

Imagine what those tired firefighters may have felt when they turned around to see this mighty view:

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Apparently, a friendly neighborhood dog noticed the uniformed men losing a tug of war against the tree and decided to help them win.

As expected, the firefighters were flattered by the support. Soon, the chainsaw sounds were drowned out by the amused laughter of the firefighters and the crowd that had gathered to watch the event unfold.

You would have to be stone cold not to appreciate the might of this dog’s will to take down a tree.

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SnoopyLand via YouTube Source: SnoopyLand via YouTube

Winning the tug of war

They looked to be struggling for a while there, but don’t worry! The team eventually won the tug of war against the tree.

But the hilarity continued when the dog didn’t stop pulling on the rope even after the tree fell down. He definitely likes to do things 110%!

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SnoopyLand via YouTube Source: SnoopyLand via YouTube

Man’s best friend indeed

Whoever said that dogs are man’s best friend was not kidding. Did you know that dogs (at least the domesticated kind) and humans have been living and hunting together for almost 15,000 years? Now, that is a bond that can’t be matched by any other.

This helpful brown dog must have made his ancestors proud by keeping up the tradition of helping their human friends. What a good boy!

The video ends with the tree falling down and being cut into pieces.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 chopping
SnoopyLand via YouTube Source: SnoopyLand via YouTube

But we’re betting he got all the treats he ever wanted after they finally managed to take the obnoxious tree down. Maybe they even took the dog out with them for a few drinks (and even steaks) to celebrate their tug of war win.

What do you know, perhaps with a little more training, this helpful puppy might even be a permanent member of the team. The community would surely appreciate such a cute mascot for their town’s firehouse.

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