Homeless and cold puppy finds warmth and shelter in nativity scene

December 16th, 2020

We all have different ways of celebrating the Yuletide season. Despite our differences, it’s a sure thing that all of us want the same thing – and that’s to be joyful during this whole season.

Of course, the Christmas decorations are there to make us feel the Christmas spirit more.

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Children look forward to receiving gifts from Santa Claus and many families have Christmas trees in their homes.

For our Catholic brothers and sisters, the Belen is something that they usually put up every Yuletide season.

The nativity scene also makes their Christmas not only festive but also solemn.

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Belen is the Spanish form of Bethlehem – which is the biblical birthplace of Jesus. In Spain, you would often see Belen or the crib or manger of Jesus during the entire Yuletide season across their country.

In fact, they do not just put up small ones, some of them are even life-size Belen.

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On YouTube, there’s a story that tells how this solemn decor became a home for a helpless dog.

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It happened in Brazil back in the year 2008. The dog was a German Shepherd and it was found sleeping in a public nativity scene at the central square of Criciuma.

It’s like how Mary and Joseph found a place after struggling to look for a safe one where Mary could give birth. They were able to find the manger where they stayed and where Jesus was born.

The puppy surely had a tough time too before he found the nativity scene.

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Facebook/LOTL Rescue Source: Facebook/LOTL Rescue

But as he found that majestic place, it’s like he found his home. It’s just a nice place that gave him warmth and safety.

In a photo where the puppy was sleeping peacefully, it’s like he found a brother in baby Jesus even it’s just a doll.

This scene surprised many people who went there to visit the nativity scene.

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YouTube/Zoo Land Source: YouTube/Zoo Land

Many got amazed that the pup was so relaxed and comfortable being close to the Holy Family. They took photos of the pup and the nice place that he had found.

Eventually, his photos have gone viral on social media. Although it happened a long time ago, this scene still gives people a heartwarming impact. It’s something unexpected but many people would surely not forget about it.

In fact, many people aired their reactions to it.

“How cute is this puppy! God bless,” one commenter wrote.

Some people also hoped that the pup was able to find a permanent place and people who would take care of him.

“Awwwwwwwww. Be still my heart! This is so heartbreaking! Hope someone took it into their home,” another commenter said.

This story just reminded us once again that the Christmas season is something special. Although we’re in the midst of a battle, it’s not a reason not to celebrate it. We can still do it with our loved ones.

This is also a great reminder of the real reason why we celebrate this festive season – who is Jesus.

Have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

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