Dog Plays Dead On Late Night Letterman Show

May 17th, 2017

Most, if not all pets can definitely do a little trick or two. Bailey the beagle absolutely excels at one specific thing: ‘playing dead’. It’s a common trick that surely all owners have asked their pup to do, and some might be inclined to listen more than others.

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Video Beagle Source: Video Beagle

The adorable and incredibly talented Bailey was invited to David Letterman’s show for an animal trick segment, where people and their pets show off some unique tricks and characteristics.

When Bailey’s owner asked her to do the classic ‘play dead’ trick, the pup responds in an incredibly hilarious fashion by letting her head down in a way that really can’t be described by words.

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Video Beagle Source: Video Beagle

At the very moment that her owner says “Bailey… Play dead.”, she falls into his arms and lets all her energy and liveliness go. A short moment later, and Bailey is alive and kicking, only to fool the audience and play dead again. However, it doesn’t take long for Bailey to resuscitate thanks to the smell of a nice treat.

It’s as if Bailey would be an Oscar-winning slapstick comedy actress – yes, it’s that good. The audience absolutely loved it and even host David couldn’t stop laughing.

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Video Beagle Source: Video Beagle

Admittedly – a lot of dogs can do the ‘play dead’ trick really well – but Bailey’s performance is truly one of a kind. Be sure to check out the amazing Bailey the beagle in the video below.

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Source: Video Beagle