Dog Adopts Baby Opossum
Jenny Brown

Poncho, a baby opossum, lost his mother when a car crashed into her. Devastated by the incident, animal rescuers found the little infant clinging to her mother as she lay motionless in the middle of the road.

Without a natural mother, rescuers were worried the infant would survive. Opossums are not very receptive to surrogate mothers, but it was worth a shot. But the rescue team could never have predicted that the following would happen. Poncho was adopted by the most unlikely mother – a dog.

Hantu, a white German Shepherd, adopted Poncho as one of her own, and she cared for Poncho like she would have for her puppies. The two quickly formed an unbreakable bond, and the two are practically inseparable.

In the video below, you can see the two’s friendship years later. Hantu rarely goes on a walk in the woods without her best friend Poncho by her side.

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[Source: MyrtleBeachSafari]