Coyote nearly dies of malnutrition when container gets stuck on her head – then rescuers save her

December 13th, 2019

One might think that a Coyote would be smarter than this, but this one wasn’t.

Coyote Is In Big Trouble

Fortunately, this coyote was spotted by some humans that could tell he was in some serious trouble. She had a jar stuck on her head and didn’t seem to have the resources to get it off.

A Dangerous Week

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The reports that came indicated that it had been at least a week since the coyote was seen in this condition. Meaning it could not access food or water.

The Location

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The troubled coyote was spotted in the Auburn Lake Trails area.

Good Citizens To The Rescue

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When word got out about the sightings of this animal in distress they came together in the hopes of finding it.

A Frightful Situation

One observer said the jar was so tight on the animal’s neck that it looked like it was cutting into his neck.

The Rescue Effort

The people in the community gathered as many resources as they could to help with the rescue. Ranging from kevlar gloves to cages and nets. One person did see the distressed animal up close but before a rescue could be made it got spooked and ran. The observer says the coyote has become very thin and weak.

Close To Death

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The consensus was the coyote was close to death. She was only able to go a few feet then would stop and lay in leaves curled up in a ball.

Not Giving Up

The people in search of the animal had to end their search at Sundown but had every intention of resuming the search effort the next day.

Peta Offers To Help

Peta offered the use of a tracker to help find this endangered animal.

An Eventful Outcome

The search went on for days but the efforts paid off.

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue sphere headed the rescue and their experience and expertise were put to good use.

In Poor Condition


The rescuer who caught the coyote said when he grabbed the animal it felt very thin and bony. He was hungry, scared and probably in shock. Although in such rough condition he did put up a fight when being crated.

The Removal

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The removal of the container showed that the neck and the ears of the coyote were bloody. A good indicator of how the animal was suffering. The container appeared to a giant-sized treat jar. Probably what enticed the animal to explore the container in the first place.

The Recovery

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Once the container was removed the coyote was treated for her weakened condition and weight loss. Hopes are once she is fully recovered she will be able to be released back to the wild.

A Wakeup Call

The coyote cannot be blamed for this incident, but some humans can. It acts as a reminder that we all need to be more cautious with the disposal of containers that could cause a threat to wildlife.

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