Couple Lights Up Stage With Frank Sinatra Dance

May 21st, 2020

Philipp Wolff and Jany Dudukina, two rising stars in the Swing Dance profession, step onto the floor to a packed auditorium, and then float away with a coveted first-place finish. As Sinatra croons, “Fly Me To The Moon,” the couple literally fly across the room with a picture-perfect Swing Dance routine. This video is a masterclass in this lively and historic dance. The gorgeously dressed partners hop, skip, and glide around the whole dance floor, ending with a burst of applause and a world-renowned trophy.

These two dancers have flash and showmanship, leaving no doubt they won big.

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These two stunners, are a perfect match.

Jany Dudukina, is a striking dancer from Russia. According to Moscow’s Westie Fest, she is listed in the All-Stars level of the international World Swing Dance Council system, and has been dancing since 2007.

Jany’s partner is Philipp Wolff, a dancer from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. He’s been dancing for years and currently partners with his wife Ekaterina Wolff. You can follow these two, on the Wolff’s Facebook page, as they travel and swing dance across the globe.

Jany and Philipp have worked so diligently on their performance and choreography, that they move as if everything was improvised. Their dedication to craft and form is highlighted in this display of world-class dancing at the premier event in professional Swing.

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Jany and Philipp step onto the floor of The Open Swing Dance Championships, the granddaddy of them all. A huge event held annually in Burbank, California, with the mission…

“to provide the best possible environment to showcase the highest level of competition from around the world, and thus provide the most exciting entertainment for our attendees.”

The weekend is full of dance and fun where,

“Competitors from all over the country work all year long preparing their routines, in order to dazzle and delight the crowds. The attendees look forward to the Open knowing they are going to witness some of the most amazing dance performances that will be seen in one place at one time.”

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Swing dance is a phenomenon around the world.

Springing from African American communities taken to move by the spirited jazz music of the 1920s and 1930s, swing dance has gained new traction in many parts of the globe. The fun moves, partnership dancing, and retro flare of the music and style, has caught the hearts of a new generation. So many new folks, young and old, have latched on to a robust community of swing dance enthusiasts.

Swing dancers have been called “Jitterbugs,” ever since Cab Calloway described the dancers on the floor at his shows. In the Swing Dance history book, Gotta Ballroom, Calloway reportedly said, “They look like a bunch of jitterbugs out there on the floor.”

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If these two had any butterflies before the competition, it doesn’t show as they dance with smooth form and a professional grace.

This slick performance is popular among Swing Enthusiasts on Youtube.

Youtuber Carol Fulton says,

“Amazing dancing and choreography. Fabulous musicality.”

Youtuber Andrea XoXo!! says,

“Nothing better than a basic West Coast Swing dance without all the tricks that EVERYBODY else is using in their routines! Well done!!”

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This dance ended up winning Jany and Phillip the coveted Rising Star Routine Division at The Open. This routine is beautiful, with expert movement and bright choreography. Check it out below and see what real championship dancing is all about.

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