Cop Finds Puppy In Cardboard Box On Side Of Road And Sees Puppy Inside

July 4th, 2017

It was a pretty sunny day when Earl Hannes, a Deputy Police Officer in Atlanta, Georgia, found an adorable puppy that had been left behind right on the side of the road in a cardboard box.

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Earl Hanners Source: Earl Hanners

Earl first met the dog after he was called to check out a nearby car accident, as he was called once again on his radio.

This time, it wasn’t for a car accident – but because someone had found this adorable little puppy. It was barely ten weeks old and completely by itself.

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Earl Hanners Source: Earl Hanners

“She was in a cardboard box and it was closed in,” the Deputy recalls. “A passerby saw the box and stopped, and saw there was a puppy in it. So he opened up the box and laid it on the side and got some water for it, then called 911.”

At the time, Earl was still busy with the unfortunate car accident, so one of his colleagues went to go see the puppy instead. Of course, it was clear that the little pup was in need of medical assistance and some human love. Earl’s colleague quickly called animal control to help the pup out, but it hadn’t left the mind of Earl.

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Earl Hanners Source: Earl Hanners

“I told the guy … to cancel animal control,” Earl said to The Dodo. “I’m going to take the puppy and get her to a vet and check her out.”

Earl definitely felt a special connection with her and wanted to make sure that the dog was perfectly fine. Understandably, the dog wasn’t in optimal condition and was seriously dehydrated. The fact that the temperature in the area was pretty high recently didn’t help either.

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Earl Hanners Source: Earl Hanners

Earl names his name friend Bridget and took her home with him to make sure that she’d get all the attention she deserved.

“We got her on the back porch, and I called my vet’s office and told them what I had,” the man recalls. “I gave her water and food, and just let her kick back and relax and regroup from all the heat. She ate about three or four bowls of food and water.”

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Earl Hanners Source: Earl Hanners

Although Earl was originally planning to take care of Bridget until she was ready to adopted by a new family, Earl realized that he wanted to provide a home for Bridget himself.

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Earl Hanners Source: Earl Hanners

The deputy is a large animal lover and even fosters a couple of pups for the Hounds In Pounds organization. After Earl made sure that Bridget was 100% healthy, he introduced her to his family of other pets.

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Earl Hanners Source: Earl Hanners

“We just introduced her to the other dogs in the house last night,” Hanners said. “It just takes a day or two of watching, and they blend right into the pack.”

“She just loves to cuddle,” Hanners said. “She loves my grandchildren. She’s just a very, very sweet loving dog.”

What a great rescue story!

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Source: The Dodo