Couple Converts Bus Into A Home
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D.G. Sciortino

It looks like a bus on the outside but on the inside, it’s Luke and Rachel’s Davis’ eco-friendly home. The high school sweethearts bought the bus in September 2015 and converted it into a solar-powered mobile home.

Now they live the Skoolie-lifestyle.

“Life was clipping along at its normal pace and there was nothing stirring any extreme change in our lives until one day someone introduced us to the idea of a skoolie,” Luke and Rachel write on their blog. “At first it seemed like such a crazy, far out idea, the kind you only dream of doing but ‘could never really happen’. The more we talked about it the more we realized we couldn’t shake the desire for this lifestyle of freedom.”

She may be ugly but she’s home! #Midwestwanderers #skoolie

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They realized they didn’t need all the luxuries they were used to like a big TV, a big couch, and a yard and just went for it.

“We realized by purging ourselves of all these unnecessary possessions and habits we will have more time for the things we truly value: God, family, our marriage, freedom, and adventure,” they explain.

A skoolie is a school bus that has been converted into a livable space.

Their skoolie was modified slightly to give it more height. While it doesn’t look like much and a little old school on the outside, the inside is fully modernized and renovated.

A clean bus is a happy bus! #Midwestwanderers

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Their kitchen is probably bigger than the one’s you’d see in some New York City apartments. It comes complete with a beautiful countertop, full sized sink, a full sized stove with a hood, a refrigerator, and lots of cabinet space.

Ceaned the bus so I couldn’t help myself… Also excited to be back on the road soon

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There’s a table to eat on and a couch to relax on. They also have a heater that is powered by firewood and have built a space for firewood storage. Their bus also gets plenty of beautiful natural light with all of the windows.

The bus also houses a bathroom and shower. The stairs of to their bedroom loft are also used as storage. Below their loft is their daughter Charlotte’s “room” which houses an area for her to sleep/play in.

The bed loft. The stairs serve as functional storage and Charlottes bed is below ours

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Living the skoolie life gives them the opportunity to travel the country while leaving a minimal footprint and having lots of adventures.

You can follow the family on their Instagram page here.

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