These Coffee Filter Hacks Will Make Your Life Easy

December 23rd, 2018

For most people, life revolves around coffee. They really haven’t woken up until that first cup gives them the morning buzz.

But it turns out that something most people use to make coffee can be just as vital to everyday life. It’s the coffee filter.

Most coffee filters come in packs of several hundred for only a couple dollars. That means that they’re one of the cheapest things that people use. And when you see all of the great stuff that you can do with a coffee filter outside of coffee making, you’ll be even more amazed at how affordable they are!

Sandwich Saviour

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Sola Source: Sola

Anyone who packs a lunch will know that there’s one thing to really, really dread – the soggy sandwich. Bread wasn’t designed to be refrigerated and then thawed out again. The downside is that the bread goes all soggy.

But if you wrap a sandwich in a coffee filter or two, then you’ll find that the bread stays fresh.

Snack Sack

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Useful DIY Projects Source: Useful DIY Projects

Kids, for all the joy that they bring to the world, really lack in snack appreciation. Whether it’s M&Ms, chips or anything else, little bits tend to fly everywhere. The problem, in many cases, is that the snacks fly out of bowls when they stick their hands in.

If you serve them snacks in a coffee filter, its design mitigates the snack flying likelihood hugely.

Laundry Lover

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Living a Special Kind of Life Source: Living a Special Kind of Life

Did you know that coffee filters are a dirt cheap alternative to dryer sheets? They’ll help with your laundry while saving you money.

You just need to get a pack of the filters, pull them out of the stack, place them in a Tupperware box and add fabric softener until they’re drowning. In 15 minutes, they should have absorbed enough of the softener. Then put them on a baking tray and let them dry out.

Then you’re done. Keep them dry until usage.

Pampering Pouch

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The Maven/Craft Bits Source: The Maven/Craft Bits

Thanks to coffee filters, you’ll always bathe in luxury. You just need to fold it into an open-ended pouch, seal with a sewing kit, add a mixture of salt, dry oats, Epsom salts, and essential oils into the pouch and sew it up.

Place the pouch in a hot bath and enjoy.

Soil Stopper

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Paisley + Sparrow Source: Paisley + Sparrow

Most garden pots have holes in the bottom. This is an essential item, as it lets excess water drain away. But it can also mean that soil gets everywhere.

Not with a coffee filter. Before you fill up the pot with soil, simply place the filter in the bottom. Hey presto, no more soil everywhere!

Microwave Master

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Infinite DIY Source: Infinite DIY

Question: What happens when you put soup in the microwave? Answer: A messy microwave.

But that doesn’t have to be the case with a coffee filter. Just place one on top of your bowl of messy liquid before microwaving, and you’ll never have to clean out the microwave again.

Crafty Canvas

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Real Purdy Source: Real Purdy

Kids love painting. You can make it even more exciting for them by making canvases out of coffee filters. Just flatten some coffee filters out by placing something heavy on them, and then you’re done.

The filter will even absorb the paint, making it an incredibly fun painting surface.

Gorgeous Glassware

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Flickr Source: Flickr

It turns out that the secret to shining drinking glasses has been staring at you all along. You just need to get a coffee filter and rub it against the glass.

Suddenly, you’ve got a gleaming glass.

Wine Wonder

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Pinterest/Cheers to Life Source: Pinterest/Cheers to Life

If you’ve ever opened a bottle of wine and left half of it out overnight, then you know it gathers sediment.

But if you place a filter over a wine glass before pouring, then you’ll block all that stuff from getting into the glass.

Dust Destroyer

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Pinterest/Buzzfeed Source: Pinterest/Buzzfeed

The problem with dusters is that they often create as much mess as they take away. This isn’t the case with a coffee filter.

If you dust down TVs, mirrors, and other surfaces with a coffee filter, they’ll never look better.

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