Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home

June 13th, 2017

Are you SO over your home decor? Are you bored from looking at the same room for years? Want to make a few updates to modernize your space?

Well, those upgrades can be made all on your own and done inexpensively.

You can completely transform your home and make it look expensive without actually being expensive. From re-doing your walls, installing beautiful new lighting, or creating the illusion of stainless steel appliances, you don’t have to call in a contractor to get the job done.

Here are 15 ways inexpensive ways to update your home without breaking the banks:

1) Accent Walls

You can create depth or bring some color into your home by easily creating an accent wall with some peel-and-stick paper.

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wayfair Source: wayfair

2) Molding and Trim

Adding some crown or another type of molding or trim can make your kitchen, ceiling and other spaces look more high-end.

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Marquette Turner Source: Marquette Turner

3) Sticky Mirrored Wall Tiles

Your room can look like it’s doubled in size by putting up some self-sticking mirror tiles. They come in all shapes in sizes.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 3d-diy-mirror-wall-sticker-7pcs-honeycomb-crystal-mirror-stickers-reflective-decal-for-wall-adhesive-wallpaper
Ali Express Source: Ali Express

4) Paint Your Countertop

You can create the look of having an expensive granite counter top just by painting it. Get a DIY tutorial here on how to create the countertop you see below.

Your countertop can go from this:

swiggle1 dot pattern2 ci-giani_painted-countertop-before_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-616-462
DIY Network Source: DIY Network

To this:

swiggle1 dot pattern2 ci-giani_painted-countertop-after_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-616-462
DIY Network Source: DIY Network

5) Paint Your Railing

Painting your indoor railings can add some dimension to the inside of your home. Sanding and repainting your outdoor railing will ensure that your house doesn’t look run down.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 stair-railings

A Glass Act Source: A Glass Act

6) Textured Walls

Create beautifully textured walls with stick-and-peel wall panels. These things also come in various designs and colors.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 wall-decor-stick-3d-wall-panel-decorative
Ali Baba Source: Ali Baba

7) Paint Your Front Door

Let your house stand out in the neighborhood by painting your front door a funky color.

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This Old House Source: This Old House

8) Update Your Lighting

You can add some beautiful lighting to your home without having to get technical and messing with your electrical outlets. Try these magnetic chandeliers.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

9) Area Rugs

This is so simple but adding an area rug can make a huge difference.

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Cloud Front Source: Cloud Front

10) Paint Job

A few coats of paint can change the entire look of your home.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 painting-an-accent-wall-interior-painting-company-ma
Jerry Enos Painting Source: Jerry Enos Painting

11) Change Out Your Knobs

This is another small change that makes a big difference in your home. Switch out the knobs in your kitchen and bathroom for new ones. They have all types of knobs, even Swarovski crystal ones.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 kitchen-cabinet-with-crystal-knobs-kitchen-cabinet-with-crystal-knobs-kitchen-cabinets-with-crystal-knobs-kitchen-cabinet-crystal
Oitchen Source: Oitchen

12) Faux Stainless Steel

You can make your appliance look like they are the expensive stainless steel type with these stick-on stainless steel panels. You can also use this on your countertop or backsplash.

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Faux Steel Source: Faux Steel

13) Add New Fixtures

Switching out your fixtures for new ones is simple to do on your own and really makes your space look rich. You can usually get new fixtures for pretty cheap.

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House Logic Source: House Logic

14) Install Shelving

Bring order to your home by adding some shelving to keep things organized and tidy.

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Amazon Source: Amazon

15) Tile Backsplash

swiggle1 dot pattern2 hkitc106_kitchen-stainless-steel-tile-backsplashes_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-1280-960

Tile backsplashes are super easy to install. Just peel and stick. They have all types of stick-on backsplashes including mirror backsplashes or shiny beautiful tile ones.

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