Guard’s Break Formation At Queen’s Castle For Young Boy

February 12th, 2021

A British mom named Imogen Scott really wanted her son Marshall to have a memorable fourth birthday, so she took him to Windsor Castle for the royal treatment.

Little soldier

Marshall loves the Queen’s Guard and even has all the gear to dress up like one. And he knows how to march and salute as well.

So when she took him to view his heroes up close wearing his Coldstream Guard costume, she caught his sweet gestures on video – one that quickly went viral.

According to The Daily Mail:

“The little drummer boy has learned military beats from his grandfather and loves to dress up in his special outfit and parade around the house – just like his heroes.”

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Marshall looked so adorable that even tourists stopped to take photos with HIM!

No doubt he felt like the king for a day.

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The changing of the guard.

It’s always exciting to watch the changing of the guard and Marshall stood with his mom as a line of guardsmen went marching towards their “Guard Room.”

The mini-soldier even saluted them as they passed by.

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Marshall and his mom were shocked when one of them came back out and walked straight over to the boy.

He then signaled him over with his finger so they could take a photo together.

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It’s not typical for a member of the guard to do something like that. But Lance Corporal Edden just couldn’t resist.

During an interview with the Evening Standard, he explained what made him do it:

“Usually I would just take the guardsmen in the guardroom as normal – but my wife and I are expecting a baby boy, and I remembered standing at Edinburgh Castle when I was younger hoping to get a picture with a soldier.”

He continued:

“I noticed Marshall in a Coldstream guards uniform, and seeing him coming out made me proud of what I do.”

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The sweetness goes viral.

Imogen Scott wrote on her Facebook page that it was the “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER” for her little tyke.

The Coldstream Guards also posted a social media message about the event. They wrote:

“We have a spot reserved for him at the Army Foundation College Harrogate for the March 2029 intake.”

When Imogen Scott was interviewed by The Daily Mail she revealed that her son was barely 2 years old when he first become obsessed.

She needed only take him to one ceremony to have the majesty of the royal duty stick with him.

And, of course, he was enamored with his fancy costume:

“It was one size too big but Marshall wears it around the house all the time. We have to hide it from him sometimes,” she admitted.

Marshall and Lance Corporal Edden were even reunited on Sky News a few weeks later for a march across the studio stage!

After that, Edden promised to meet with Marshall again – this time away from the camera – and give him a special tour of the castle!

Be sure to scroll down below to watch the video and see Marshall have his dream come true thanks to a kind guardsman!

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