Mom And Baby Are Reunited After Posting Online
What would you do if you were in her situation?
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eA heartwarming story emerged from the state of Texas after a Houston mother reunited with her baby.

The world of one Houston mom collapsed when Hurricane Harvey separated her from her eight-month-old daughter. According to KARE 11, Da’Jauh Hennix waded through floodwater up to her neck while holding her 8-month-old baby up as high as she could above her head.

Da’Jauh Hennix was fleeing her mother’s flooding house when people noticed her and her baby trying to escape the rising floodwater.

Cpl. Reed Clark of the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct spotted the Houston mother and her baby after hearing several people scream, “Baby!” Piloting a personal watercraft, the officer approached the woman and picked up her daughter. At the mother’s request, the officer agreed to take the baby to safety, noting a black truck at the end of the road.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Hennix eventually made it to dry land, but she was unable to find the officer and her baby girl.

When this Houston mother got to dry land, she immediately went to the place where the black truck the officer talked about was. However, they were nowhere in sight. Hennix spent the next few hours searching high and low for her daughter and the officer. Hours passed, and she could not find them.

“I was panicking, I was crying. My mom, she was scared and crying as well.”

At this point in time, Hennix and her mother had no idea if the officer and her daughter survived and if she would ever see her baby girl again.

Facebook/Constable Christopher E. Diaz
Facebook/Constable Christopher E. Diaz

She decided to take the search for her daughter to Facebook, and so did the officer.

Fortunately, Officer Clark and baby Paige were safe and unharmed. Both Clark and Hennix took to Facebook after hours of searching for each other merited no results. After posting a picture of baby Paige, the picture went viral. People shared it over 30,000 times and viewed it than 2.5 million times.

Thanks to Facebook, this Houston mother and her baby girl reunited. Hennix found her daughter safe and dry with a full belly and a new blanket. Paige was peacefully asleep at the time her mother finally found her.

Officer Clark – and most people familiar with this story – agree Hennix is the perfect example of a great mother. According to the Clark, this Houston mother was selfless and brave in her desire to save her daughter.

“She is the perfect example of a great mother. She didn’t say help me one bit, she handed her baby over and said, ‘Help my baby, get my baby out of here.’”

In the comments of the viral Facebook post, officers continued to share updates with followers.

“The families were in neck deep water with swift currents. Corporal Reed Clark put the baby on a jet ski and took the baby to a truck with a boat. The mother and child got separated.”

Officers wanted to reiterate the fact that the mother and baby separated in the mother’s attempt to get the baby to safety.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

“This mother did what any great parent would do. She realized how fast and deep the water current was…She put her babies life ahead of her own and asked for us to take the baby to higher ground. The baby was in great hands and we made sure she was reunited with her Mother.”

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