Artist Hides Massive Sculptures In Copenhagen Forests

May 17th, 2019

Thomas Dambo is a Danish artist who makes distinctive gigantic sculptures from recycled materials.

He has been creating wooden giants and placing them around Copenhagen forests for approximately three years now.

The sculptor has managed to draw quite a bit of attention to his artwork as well as the local area. Even the international community has taken notice of the local project.

Thomas says that part of the reasoning behind the giant sculptures is because he would like to encourage people to visit out-of-the-way areas of the forest and town that they might otherwise overlook.

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Thomas Dambo via Facebook Source: Thomas Dambo via Facebook

His plan seems to be working. More people are visiting the area to discover his works of art.

Even those who cannot make it all the way to Copenhagen are still leaving positive comments on images of the sculptures online. His giants are a giant success everywhere!

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Thomas Dambo via Facebook Source: Thomas Dambo via Facebook

Giants, Everywhere!

It’s not just Thomas working on his oversized creative projects. He also has a team of volunteers to help speed up the process and bring in supplies.

In fact, each giant is named after one of the volunteers to show appreciation for the effort they have put into the project.

The volunteers bring a variety of skills with them. They also bring their time, energy, and dedication. It takes a large amount of all of those to build giants!

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Thomas Dambo via Facebook Source: Thomas Dambo via Facebook

Together, the volunteers work to find and recover salvaged wood, including over six hundred pallets, fencing, and even an old shed. These materials go into bringing Thomas’ forest giants to life while staying true to nature by not producing more waste.

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Thomas Dambo via Facebook Source: Thomas Dambo via Facebook

A Treasure Map

If you ever find yourself wandering through any of the Copenhagen forests with resident giants, you will discover engraved stones near each of the sculptures. Each has a poem that acts as a clue for discovering other sculptures as well as interesting and unique aspects of the nearby forest.

If you aren’t quite ready for unraveling the mysteries of a potentially cryptic poem, Thomas has also created a map to help those interested in art and nature to discover his sculptures and the area surrounding them.

Armed with both, you could spend all day on a treasure hunt to discover the wonders of nature and art.

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Thomas Dambo via Facebook Source: Thomas Dambo via Facebook

A Natural Part of the Landscape

The large sculptures do more than simply adding a new presence to the forest. They also give back to the areas that they occupy.

One sculpture, Teddy Friendly, has an arm outstretched across a small stream. His arm serves as a bridge to help people cross the water while keeping their shoes dry.

Another sculpture includes more than two dozen birdhouses to provide a home to the local feathered residents.

Each sculpture seeks to serve a purpose beyond pure aesthetics.

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Thomas Dambo via Facebook Source: Thomas Dambo via Facebook

These artworks do so much more than simply looking remarkable. They also guide visitors through the forest and help to sustain the nature within those woods as well.

Are you ready for a walk through a magical forest of helpful wooden giants?

If you would like to see more, you can visit the artist’s website to see what he is working on currently. He also has an Instagram, thomasdambo, that you will not want to miss.

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Source: My Modern Met