Animal sanctuary seeks ‘Piggy cuddlers’ to help comfort neglected animals and it’s the cutest job

February 6th, 2020

It’s always good to volunteer, but it’s not always easy and fun work. Unless you’re volunteering to cuddle adorable pigs who just need love. That’s exactly what this animal sanctuary in South Carolina is asking for. They are hiring volunteers whose sole job is to cuddle and play with pigs, in hopes of getting them ready for a forever home in the near future.

Animal lovers everywhere, this is something you must see!

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Cotton Branch Farm and Sanctuary in, South Carolina, is hiring volunteers to be ‘piggy cuddlers’ and people are swarming for the opportunity

The farm specializes in getting pigs ready for adoption, which requires socializing them to people and they need help! So what does this entail? This flier that they recently circulated, details exactly what you could expect from the awesome volunteer job.

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“Do you want to help make a huge difference in the lives of the pigs of Cotton Branch? Come help socialize our adoptable residents so they can move into our adoption program with ease! Belly scratches, cookies, sitting with, and even just talking to our pig friends can get them ready for their new home.” The sanctuary posted on their Facebook.

Pigs are extremely social animals, they need time with people to get used to all the social components of living with humans

This is where the volunteers come in. Your job would literally be to cuddle the pigs, feed them cookies, and even just talk to the piggies. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle adorable little pigs? Most people would love to do this, that’s why the “pig socialization” calendar filled up right away.

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Most of the pigs were rescued after being neglected and malnourished, which is why they need all the love they can get! Already over 75 pigs have been adopted through the program, but hundreds more are still in need of homes.

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People quickly jumped at the chance to give the pigs some love, the volunteer calendar was immediately booked out until march

If you’re still looking to volunteer, there are plenty of other ways to get onboard at the Cotton Branch Farm and Sanctuary. There are many different opportunities for people who want to help animals, plus it’s a good way to get your foot in the door for the next pig cuddling sign up.

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If you’re not in South Carolina, you can also donate to the adorable little piggies

They have an Amazon Wishlist, where you can buy specific items that the pigs need. You can also just donate money outright to help the animals on their journeys.

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Cotton Branch houses many different animals that have been neglected. You’ll also find cows, horses, donkeys, ducks, and sheep on the farm.

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Pigs aren’t just cute, they’re also some of the smartest animals around

We’ve all heard about how smart pigs are, but did you know that they also communicate with each other better than most animals? That’s right, scientists have proven that pigs have over 20 forms of vocal communication. On top of that, pigs have a complex social structure and can even be smarter than toddlers, dogs, and many primates.

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What a wonderful way to volunteer your time, the pigs might even teach these volunteers a thing or two. To see the farm for yourself, watch the video below!

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