Man finds abandoned, grungy manor, takes a step inside and marvels at the interior
Would you live here?
Ryan Aliapoulios

Have you ever walked by an abandoned home and wondered what was inside?

Although many houses left abandoned fall to waste, some have interesting interiors and are even mostly preserved since the last time they were inhabited. In either event, these are the subjects that are of interest to Vacant Photography, a website based out of the Netherlands dedicated to photographing the insides of many broken down buildings.

Still, one French manor in particular has been gaining a lot of attention on the internet. Photography
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Though it looks grungy and overgrown from the outside, the interior is actually immaculately preserved.

While the photographer was hesitant to give any details about where the house is located, he included many photos of all the preserved rooms on the inside. Photography
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Despite being empty, the inside was very preserved—and even still had coats hanging on the hooks. Photography
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The bedrooms were smartly decorated and still in great condition, almost feeling lived in despite the dust. Photography
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Spookier still was the grand piano n one of the foyers with sheet music still spread open. Why had the home been abandoned? Photography
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All the interiors gave off a distinctly Victorian charm, all still in well preserved condition. Photography
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The kitchen still had a table cloth, displayed dishes and appliances plugged in. All the beautiful tile was also intact. Photography
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The bathrooms were also in good condition, all with beautiful details—the medicine cabinet and the sink are particularly gorgeous. Photography
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One of the rooms looked like it was even in the process of being packed up before the process was abandoned. Photography
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This sunny bedroom with the fine woven rug looks particularly welcoming. Photography
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The home itself was huge and all the rooms were more or less preserved—including this well-appointed living room. Photography
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Needless to say, whoever used to live at this French manor is now long gone.

Still, this story raises a lot of questions. Who used to live at this home and why did they leave? When did they leave? Although the inside of the home is dusty, why is everything left behind so perfectly preserved? Indeed, some of these questions have internet commenters talking about whether these photos were staged.

For their part, the photographers at Vacant Photography aren’t revealing any more details. Phorography
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What do you think about this mysterious house?

Was it truly abandoned or is there some kind of foul play going on? Why would the family who lived here have left so suddenly? Tell us in the comments below!

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