Video Shows Dog Chasing Owner's Car After Being Abandoned

March 8th, 2019

Most people consider dogs to be man’s best friend. But there are also many people who mistreat dogs. Why someone would want to cause harm to such a loving animal is hard to understand. But, as this video shows, it happens time and time again.

The dog in this video is clearly an animal filled with love. He gave his owner all that he could.

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And yet the owner decided to do something horrifying.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that they have their downsides. They can be unruly and take a lot of responsibility.

But even if someone believes that they have made the wrong decision in adopting a dog, how could they just throw their pet into the street?

The footage in this video is shocking.

The poor dog just wants some affection. But the owner abandons him anyway.

It begins with the dog and its owner in the street. At first, it looks like they are playing, but something much worse is going on.

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The owner pushes his dog away from him.

The person recording the video makes sure that what is happening is 100 percent clear.

“This guy’s dumping his dog right here,” he says.

The owner then tries to go back to his car, but the dog really doesn’t want him to leave.

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Finally, the owner manages to get to his car door. Still, the dog desperately tries to jump at the owner and take him with him.

But the owner keeps on pushing the dog away.

The dog then jumps into the car.

The owner just throws him out.

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Eventually, the owner gets into the driver’s seat and slams the door on the dog.

And the dog keeps trying to get the owner’s attention and even jumps up at the window.

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Then the car starts driving away.

The dog chases, desperate to be let in.

The car drives away, abandoning the dog for good.

This scene takes place in California.

But the story is even grimmer than it appears in the video.

Stephen Sage Silver is the man filming the entire event. He says that before turning on the camera, “These people were hitting the dog in the face when I first approached them.”

Silver does what he can. He helps the dog off the street and ensures that it is delivered to a shelter.

Even though California is a warm state, it still gets cold. That means that the dog was left to fend for itself. If no one had come along, it would have been in very serious danger.

Hopefully, this animal can soon find a new home with people that value him.

Unfortunately, this scene isn’t rare. Dogs and cats are abandoned all the time.

In fact, the ASPCA reports that around 6.5 million companion animals go into shelters in America every year.

The good news is that this number is declining. In 2011, 7.2 million cats and dogs entered shelters.

However, if anyone wants to adopt a dog, then they should definitely use a shelter.

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Currently, only 23% of adopted animals come from shelters. This is bad, as shelters are almost always filled to capacity. In fact, 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year due to shelter overcrowding.

The main thing that people can do to help lower this statistic is to adopt from shelters and not breeders.

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