Is that normal? A quiz for dog owners
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Jenà Lowe

When your doggo has been in the family for a long time, you get to know his or her personality and quirks. Sometimes, though, the little things leave you wondering: Is this normal?

Test your knowledge of dog behavior with the fun 15-question quiz below.

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Do you know what your dog's actions really mean?

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If your dog gives you puppy dog eyes it means

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Your dog stares because

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If Fido squints his eyes it means

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A rising bark means

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Looking at you before doing something it means

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If a dog is baring teeth, ears back and snarling, it's obvious you should

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If your dog has an open mouth with a relaxed tail but high ears you should

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A dog with it's tongue out looking at you means

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Buddy will show a straight pointed tail and forward ears when

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When you're playing and your dog crouches, mouth wide open and wagging tail it means

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Your dog may trash your place due to

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Your dog follows you around because he

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Butt sniffing usually means your dog is

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Though not common, if a dog sleeps legs up like a dead bug they are

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A low growl means your pup is

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The average score is 74%


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By Jenà Lowe
Jenà Lowe is a contributor at SBLY Media.