Video captures 89-Year-old woman sewing 600 masks while listening to Beatles

April 24th, 2020

The world is always in need of good people and acts of kindness, but that is especially true now more than ever. If someone decides to help someone else, it has the power to make a huge difference. We are all so vulnerable as we navigate this strange and challenging time.

It is also no secret that elderly people tend to be more at risk when dealing with Covid-19. For that reason, they need to be extra safe and careful.

This one elderly woman took it upon herself to make a change though. She wasn’t about to wait for anyone else to come along and help her — she was going to do it herself.

The world is suffering a shortage of masks which has been leading a lot of people to get creative with it and make their own at home.

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This 89-year-old woman took saw it as an opportunity and immediately began to make her own masks. She saw a need in the world so she went for it. She wanted to help others, too.

The grandma — Teresa Provo, also known as Grandma Terry — lives by herself in Chicago, Illinois. She has been sitting inside trying to entertain herself with TV and computer games during the pandemic.

One of the hobbies she has really been indulging in, though, is sewing. Her sewing machine has basically been a savior during this time.

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Being the selfless woman she is, Grandma Terry’s first thought went to protecting others when the pandemic initially broke out. When everything was on lockdown, she immediately thought of her family and others around the world who were in need of some extra safety precautions.

First, she found all of the fabric she could. Then she proceeded to sew masks for all of her family members and friends — adding up to about 50 masks total.

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Once they were all ready to go, she mailed them to everyone all over the country — Chicago, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota and California.

When most people were in full-on panic mode, Grandma Terry decided to be proactive and help others in any way that she could.

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The best part is that she really went the extra mile and even decided to personalize each mask. She did this by using the person’s favorite sports teams (like the Chicago Cubs or Blackhawks) and even included handwritten notes.

Talk about going the extra mile!

As if she wasn’t already so cool for doing that — she gets even cooler. The entire time she was working on creating these masks, she was also listening to The Beatles.

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“She just likes the Beatles, cause who doesn’t!” her granddaughter, Amy Szabo, told Good News Network.

It wasn’t long until the news about her making the masks got around. So when her “Red Hat Club” — a group of elderly people who partake in local events — found out, they decided to join.

Together, they all made masks for the nursing home residents where Grandma Terry lives. They ended up making over 600 masks… No big deal.

“It took us two weeks, but we get ‘em done,” she says. “I’m still working on some.”

Check out footage of Terry making the masks while listening to The Beatles below. It’s adorable.

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Grandma jams out while sewing 600 masks… Check it out!

Posted by Geri Weis-Corbley on Sunday, April 19, 2020

Source: Good News Network